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Lead SDET Engineer


San Francisco / Remote

At Ketch, we are passionate about our automated approach to privacy for our customers. We collect and propagate realtime user consent  from our customers website to ensure that end users privacy requests are honored by  propagating it through our distributed systems to our customers internal/external apps and databases to help our customers seamlessly operationalize data privacy to adhere with data regulations.

This is a role encompassing multiple aspects to lead the testability and automation effort across our product. We are looking for an energetic, motivated, and experienced technical leader to help guide our team and help accelerate  testing and automation. You'll work across the entire org including frontend, backend to identify areas we can improve test coverage, developer efficiency and confidence, and ultimately end user experience of our product.  

You will help architect the test framework and testing strategy for the product. You are not afraid to be hands-on, you will write and debug automation and test framework code in cloud environments. You will help troubleshoot and debug code.


  • Understand product architecture and its implications on feature, performance and system testing.
  • Ability to operate in a startup environment and execute in the presence of ambiguity and change.
  • Write and automate test plans and test cases. Define, inform and educate the team on best practices for testing.
  • Automate and improve automated testing methodologies and framework, development workflow, continuous integration/deployment, and release processes.
  • Implement comprehensive automation gates to ensure functional accuracy, real user based workflows, and monitoring the automation effectiveness through CI/CD.
  • You have high empathy and excellent communication skills. You can collaborate across engineering and product teams to achieve a fast feedback cycle  to provide actionable data  for improvements in  product reliability and developer productivity.
  • Shift-Left: guide development teams in creating micro-benchmarks to push performance earlier in the development cycle.


  • Bachelor’s degree or have equivalent work experience.
  • 3+ years of experience as a SDET or quality or productivity engineer developing building effective tools, automating testing and writing test framework.
  • Strong communication skills and demonstrable ability to clearly communicate ideas and technical concepts.
  • Understanding of manual and automated testing principles and techniques and experience implementing different layers of the automated test pyramid.
  • Working knowledge of CI/CD tools like Jenkins, GitHub Actions and release management process.
  • Working knowledge of Docker containers, K8s, Packer or equivalent software orchestration and infrastructure tools.
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure such as GCP, AWS or Azure.
  • Enterprise experience writing Python, Javascript, Golang or equivalent.
  • Experience working with Linux and/or other Unix-based operating systems.
  • Configure Performance and Scale tests to execute reliably and efficiently in CI/CD environments.

Nice to Have:

  • Working knowledge of observability, monitoring and telemetry software such as Datadog, Sentry, Grafana, Prometheus and/or ELK stack.
  • Build tools to improve developer experience.

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