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Regulation management

A single framework to manage complex global privacy and governance programs.

Your Challenge
Compliance tax
Companies continue to pay a compliance tax with each new or updated regulation, without confidence that it’s ever been paid in full.
Our solution
Always-on compliance
Ketch encodes and enforces always-on compliance and privacy response to every new regulation, everywhere on the globe, now and in the future.
Globally applicable

Express your privacy posture for every part of the globe.

Building from turnkey templates, author your own privacy policies with clicks, not code. Specify which rights and regulations apply in each situation. Comply with every global regulation (GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, CRPA, VCDP).


Use policies to define how data can be processed.

Maximize the value of data by specifying different processing conditions across each regulation.

Permit system-of-record

Ensure data processing follows privacy regulations continuously.

Anytime, anywhere.

Policy-document management

Create, store, and serve the relevant privacy documents to each consumer based on applicable regulations.

Manage the creation and delivery of privacy policy, terms of use, and other policy documents to consumers when they interact with your business.

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