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Media brands and publishers

Target your audience while respecting their data subject rights.

Your Challenge
Revenue  growth while maintaining compliance
People are consuming more content than ever before. You need to balance a data-driven approach to effectively segment and target your audience without compromising user privacy.
Our solution
Deploy once, comply everywhere
Ketch builds on your trusted relationships with your audience while growing your monetization strategies in a privacy-centric, responsible way.

Deploy once, comply everywhere, globally!

Ketch’s data-governance and privacy compliance platform offers a global framework for an end-to-end data control.

Build revenue growth with improved consent management

Ensure consent signals are passed responsibly and accurately to ad tech service providers through our robust, TCF-capable pipelines.

Prevent the loss of revenue from broken consent strings and optimize the use of both first-party and third-party data.

Keep up with evolving regulations without breaking the bank

Cost-effectively manage all privacy data regulations and easily implement new regulations.

No need for spiraling compliance costs. No new implementations required to respond to new regulations. Just set-and-forget with Ketch.

Maintain trust with your readers

Collect and manage privacy data responsibly while offering users transparency, choice, and control that increases opt-in rates.

Provide a customizable user experience with built-in consent that treats people as people rather than devices.

Protect your most valuable asset in one secure environment

Gain a better understanding of your users by eliminating contextual data silos.

Ketch’s unified approach ensures privacy across all systems, channels, and touch-points. Our security and access controls enable data activation and insights across internal and external systems.

Connect with Ketch

The Ketch Trust by Design Platform is a coordinated set of applications, infrastructure, and APIs that collapses the cost and complexity of privacy operations and mobilizes responsibly gathered data for deeper customer engagement and top-line growth. 

Simplifying your privacy program has never been easier. Our team of privacy experts is here to help you on your journey to simplified privacy operations and granular data control across the enterprise.