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Data control from beginning to end

Ensure responsible data practices across your entire data lifecycle.

Just as there is a buyer journey, data is on a journey as it flows through your organization
If you want to maximize the ROI and utility of your data, you need to understand how data is moving through your company. Do you know your organization’s primary acquisition sources of high-value data? Are you able to identify data that will soon become obsolete? These are important questions that can be answered with the right approach to data lifecycle management.

It all starts with collection—ensuring your organization is collecting high-value data with accurate permissions.
Next, data is activated and utilized across the organization—for marketing, service, sales and more.  Having the ability to find and promote valuable data within the organization is key. Capabilities like self-service analytics facilitate end users’ discovery of data, and are a critical element of any data lifecycle strategy.

Finally, operationalizing data retention and end-of-life policies is an efficient way to ensure teams are working with relevant and fresh data, delivering great customer experiences, and maximizing data utility and ROI.

Ketch data lifecycle management

Augmented data collection
Enforce data collection and fortifcation policies before data gets written to your data systems.

For example, restrict the collection of specific data types, like location data, or anonymize digital identifiers like email addresses.
End-user data discovery
Easily find data for activation, with end-user data discovery.

Give teams like marketing, service, and analytics the infrastructure to easily find and utilize data. With the confidence that the data is responsibly gathered, with up to date permissions.
Policy managed, granular data retention
Operationalize end-of-life for data. Build and enforce retention schedules across data types and data processing purposes.  

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