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No more excuses. Do right by consumers and process opt-out requests for CCPA and CPRA.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta has made it clear: CCPA and CPRA enforcement is not an empty threat. It's a reality, and brands are being fined today for non-compliance. Is your business ready to prove compliance with California data privacy laws? 

Compliance requires the ability to collect and enforce consumer privacy choices across your data ecosystem. CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act) is already live, and the enhanced CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act) goes into effect on January 1, 2023. Businesses require flexible and responsive infrastructure to comply with regulators and meet consumer expectations.

Legacy privacy tech is snoozing on enforcing California opt-outs.
Under the CCPA and CPRA privacy laws, consumers can make the choice to opt-out of activities like targeted advertising. Businesses are obligated to respect and enforce these consumer choices across internal and vendor data systems.

Legacy privacy tech doesn't have a scalable solution. They rely on spreadsheets, emails, and workflow tools to update consent in vendor and internal data systems.
Don't wait around. Get a solution that works today.
Ketch makes it easy to comply with multiple data privacy laws at once, including CCPA, CPRA, and whatever comes next.

Ketch has the applications, infrastructure, and APIs to enforce advertising opt-outs everywhere and respect protocols like GPC. When your customers and visitors make privacy choices, Ketch respects those choices across your internal data and vendor systems.

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Deploy once, comply everywhere, globally!

Ketch’s data-governance and privacy compliance platform offers a global framework for an end-to-end data control.

Responsive solutions for CCPA, CPRA, and beyond

Jurisdictionally-aware consent management for California consumers

Don’t let California’s Attorney General, the plaintiff’s bar, or the new CA Privacy Protection Agency catch you flat-footed. With Ketch consent and preference management, you can use our pre-defined templates to quickly spin up privacy policies and notices for California consumers.

Learn more about Ketch consent and preference management.

Manage opt-outs everywhere

And we mean everywhere: from internal data systems to external vendors, enforce people's privacy choices

Ketch enables you to "deploy once, comply and control everywhere." No matter the regulation (CCPA/CPRA), channel (mobile, web, OTT), or system (CRM, marketing, analytics): Ketch uses APIs to connect and enforce opt-outs across your ecosystem. No more manual emails and checklists - let Ketch do the work for you.

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Your guide to California data privacy law compliance: download now

Do you understand your privacy and compliance obligations under CCPA and CPRA? Our guide explains how CCPA and CPRA apply to and impact your business.

Get on the path to building a comprehensive privacy program that meets your California needs and beyond.

Get the guide now.

Not sure what orchestration really means? download our complete primer

Privacy orchestration is the promise to operationalize a company’s privacy posture across every touchpoint, every consumer interaction, every jurisdiction.

It requires deep capabilities in data management and control. Learn the ins and outs with our primer.

Get the orchestration primer.

Connect with Ketch

The Ketch Trust by Design Platform is a coordinated set of applications, infrastructure, and APIs that collapses the cost and complexity of privacy operations and mobilizes responsibly gathered data for deeper customer engagement and top-line growth. 

Simplifying your privacy program has never been easier. Our team of privacy experts is here to help you on your journey to simplified privacy operations and granular data control across the enterprise.