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Be compliant with the first major export of a GDPR-based law.

Your Challenge
Ensuring your GDPR preparation has been sufficient or relevant for LGPD
If you’re GDPR compliant, the bulk of the work has been done. But if any of your data subjects are in Brazil, you still need to ensure that your data privacy framework and procedures are compliant with the nuances of LGPD.
Our solution
A purpose-built solution for all regulations
Ketch makes complying with evolving global data protection legislation a snap by formulating policies that apply specifically to your company’s entire data ecosystem.

Deploy once, comply everywhere, globally!

Ketch’s data-governance and privacy compliance platform offers a global framework for an end-to-end data control.

Expand confidently into a major emerging economy

Understand the subtlety of what constitutes personal data, age of consent and legal bases under LGPD.

Ketch looks at data at the most granular level to ensure compliance no matter how you use the data.

Uniquely powerful for all stakeholders

Whether you make decisions concerning the processing of personal data, act as liaison with supervisory authority or perform the processing, Ketch’s bottom-up approach keeps your internal processes on track.

Maintain your operations and business goals

Find the elusive balance of satisfying legal, IT and marketing teams when processing data for consumers in Brazil.

Comply with LGDP and other regulations, automate workflow and ensure enforcement—all in one unified framework.

Cover all the rights

It’s your responsibility to ensure data is collected and processed according to all aspects of LGDP—and you must respond immediately to DSR requests and store data in the accessible format.

Ketch’s purpose-built and responsive data infrastructure lets you automatically meet LGDP data subjects' rights to ensure full compliance.

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Simplifying your privacy program has never been easier. Our team of privacy experts is here to help you on your journey to complete privacy management, compliance, and automation.

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