Risk & Compliance Managers

Minimize risk across your business


Managing Risk in Complex World

Keeping up with a highly technical, constantly changing global regulatory environment presents significant compliance and business risks.


Superior Policy Control and Execution

Ketch lets you identify and prevent risk across your entire data ecosystem before it even has a chance to spiral.

Granular Policy Control

Build granular, made-to-measure compliance and data control policies.

Stay on top of an ever-changing and growing regulatory environment with precise control for specific geographies and regulations.

100% Policy Realization

Ketch Policy Center connects deeply to your underlying data systems, including data in your partners' and vendors’ systems.

Optimize Privacy Management

Eliminate manual, error-prone processes that are resource-intensive but still leave you exposed.

Automate complex orchestration workflow rather than treating privacy like a help desk and taking staff away from the business of doing business.

Simplify Assessment, Reporting & Remediation

Fulfill and report on risk impact assessments with superior data insights.

Understand risks across the business and manage and respond to privacy infractions and customer requests.

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