Sales & Marketing Teams

Capture data-driven opportunity through trust


Maintain Customer Trust and the Value of Their Data

Customer data is the lifeblood of your sales and marketing efforts, but handling it in compliance with a multitude of rules can be tricky.


Customizable Privacy Experience

Ketch’s customizable privacy experiences let you maximize both valuable data utilization and privacy rights.

Maximize Data Utilization

Expand your opportunities by knowing who can use data and for what purposes.

Maintain granular control over the data you collect and maintain.

Boost Your Brand and Reputation

Align the voice of your brand with respect for consumer privacy through intuitive and customizable experiences.

Streamline customer engagement and eliminate duplicative prompts by recognizing people across screens and channels.

Respect Your Customers Everywhere

Ensure data is collected on your website only after user consent has been given.

Enforce privacy rights in all your downstream systems, internal and third-party.

Give Consumers the Transparency They Want

Avoid sacrificing long-term goodwill and likelihood to buy for short-term benefits that risk privacy violations.

Increase the level of trust between your team and customers and prospects through granular and transparent privacy policies.

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