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Modern Consent Management
3 reasons to give marketing a voice in your privacy program
What is privacy orchestration?
Seven key data protection principles set out by GDPR
Prestige Consumer Healthcare selects Ketch as its programmatic privacy vendor of choice
What CCPA means for advertisers
What is the CCPA effective date?
CCPA categories of personal information
Understanding the CCPA right to deletion
CCPA privacy policy language
Understanding the CCPA data subject access request
Does CCPA apply to government agencies?
What is a cookie consent opt-in?
What is a first-party cookie?
Do I have to comply with CCPA?
Do I need a cookie policy on my website?
How do you know if you are GDPR compliant?
Who does the CCPA apply to?
How often should a privacy policy be updated?
How to respond to a GDPR request
New data protection rules for small businesses
How has GDPR affected marketing?
Understanding small business GDPR privacy policy
Does GDPR apply to US customers?
What are some GDPR cookie consent examples?
How is CCPA different than GDPR?
Does GDPR apply to Non-EU Citizens?
Is Privacy Shield required for GDPR?
How to block cookies before consent
How to add cookie messages to your website
What is personal information under the CCPA?
What size of companies are affected by GDPR?
What happens if you break the GDPR law?
4 ways to optimize 3rd-party libraries
DSARs 101: how to handle data deletion requests
Treat people as people with privacy-centric identity resolution
Responsive Infrastructure for a flickering policy regime
Systemic embrace: the coexistence of data dignity, compliance and growth
What media and entertainment companies need to know about data privacy
Does data privacy orchestration have you adding resources?
Can orchestrating privacy data subject requests be automated?
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Ketch & Amazon S3
Ketch & Airship
Ketch & Adobe
Ketch & Adroll
BigID Alternative
OneTrust Alternative
8 questions to ask every privacy software vendor
SeatGeek: scalable GDPR compliance with Ketch
Do you have a “Legitimate Interest” in the data you collect?
The top 5 GDPR compliance mistakes and how to avoid them
Switchbit is now Ketch
Could your privacy policy cope with explosive growth?
Part 3: Privacy-preserving contact tracing at scale
Part 2: What's holding back contact tracing success?
Stop worrying about regulations
Part 1: Will contact tracing work?
Are ticketing systems effective for handling data subject requests?
Are you complying with CPRA/CCPA opt-out rights?
Data privacy is evolving. Are you getting left behind?
5 key features every privacy solution needs
Privacy and compliance news roundup, June 2021
Make sense of privacy-language with a common privacy protocol
Mastering data control with Ketch
The Privacy Opportunity blog post series: part 1
Ketch and SafeGuard Privacy announce partnership
What are the seven GDPR principles?
Ketch named Cool Vendor in Privacy 2021 by Gartner®
Creating flexible consent experiences at Prestige Consumer Healthcare
A review of Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers
Ketch + IMAX: respecting people’s privacy choices everywhere
Three requirements to futureproof your data privacy program
Data discovery: the foundation of your data privacy program
Privacy is a team sport: collaborating to get results
Why we started Ketch: deploy once, comply everywhere data privacy
How to select a data privacy solution
"Do Not Sell" and what it means Under CCPA and CPRA
DSAR privacy: how to manage DSAR fulfillment (Data Subject Access Requests)
Qonsent partners with Ketch on data privacy consent for consumers and brands
GDPR vs. CCPA/CPRA compliance: what's the difference?
Data Governance in Snowflake gets better with Ketch
Explaining Ketch Free: a free consent management tool for privacy compliance
Your 2022 data privacy guide
Responsible AI requires us to rethink data privacy
Let's make data privacy a core business value