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Ketch is a more advanced, versatile, and future-proof platform for data privacy management, going beyond cookie consent to offer extensive data discovery, AI governance, and dynamic compliance enforcement.
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September 9, 2023
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As businesses increasingly exchange sensitive data on the internet, their customers become more concerned with how their data is being used. Whether they shop online or communicate with their healthcare providers, they share sensitive personal information.  To build a trusted relationship with your customers, they need assurance that they can trust your business to respect their preferences regarding data use and sharing. In this article, we will cover the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for cookie consent and compare two tools that address this regulation. 

Compliance with regulations

To protect website visitors, businesses are required to comply with regulations that some governments have instituted. Europe, for example, has adopted GDPR. GDPR compliance for websites regulates data privacy for website visitors.  

The most comprehensive regulation in the United States is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018, which requires websites to inform users about the data they collect, how the data is used, and how the data is shared with third parties. This regulation was made even stronger by the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), an amendment added in 2020.  


If you are considering the CookieYes Content Management Platform for your business, you should also consider the Ketch Trust by Design Platform, a CookieYes alternative. As you evaluate consent management tools, you should consider the bigger picture. Cookies are one component of a broader data privacy subject.   

Ketch offers a set of solutions that include:

  • Data privacy software  
  • Consent and preference management
  • Data discovery and classification
  • Cookie banner software
  • GenAI Shield

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Cookie Compliance And Consent  

Cookies have been widely used for decades. They were initially intended to enhance a user's experience on your website by remembering the user's preferences, eliminating the need to re-enter the same data with each subsequent visit.  

Your marketing would benefit from cookies because your user's stored data gives you insight into their preferences so you can better serve them with products and services.  

So why do users have concerns about cookies if they benefit from a better user experience?

Problems occur when their data is used in unintended ways. This could include sending excessive volumes of emails or sharing data with third parties that may abuse the data.  

The solution is to give the power to your users in the form of a consent banner so they can decide how they want their data to be used. The consent banner serves two purposes: 

  1. User notification: Banners were originally required to simply notify your users about your privacy policy.   
  2. User consent: Over time, users felt that notification was fine but insufficient to control how the data was being used. Subsequent regulations required consent features to be added.  

Why is cookie compliance important?

Data privacy regulations are only getting more strict as technology advances and user concerns increase. Artificial intelligence, for example, adds another level of complexity and sophistication to the challenge of protecting data privacy. If your business does not comply with regulations, you risk costly legal actions.  

What is the difference between cookie compliance and consent? 

Cookie compliance means that your website satisfies all of the minimum requirements of a regulation. Compliance is the responsibility of your business.  

GDPR cookie consent, on the other hand, is permission that the user grants to your business to use personal data explicitly as they have directed through the GDPR cookie banner. If you do not implement it exactly as specified by the regulation, you are not in compliance and risk the consequences.  

What countries are subject to GDPR compliance?

Data privacy in the EU and UK is governed by the GDPR. Some highlights of GDPR requirements include:   

  • Explicit and informed consent.  
  • Cookie banner must specify what data is collected, who collects it, and how it is used.  
  • Ease of use for users to decline consent and modify their choices later.  
  • GDPR-compliant cookie banners.  

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Ketch vs. CookieYes  

With the proliferation of devices, apps, and platforms that connect people to websites, consent orchestration has become overwhelming. Tag management, data discovery and classification, and DSR fulfillment need more sophisticated tools than those that have been used traditionally. 

The Ketch platform offers consent & preference management tools that are comprehensive and more advanced than traditional cookie consent manager tools. Ketch has incorporated machine learning AI technology to help your business meet current and future needs for data privacy, consent and preference management, and data discovery.  

Let's first look at the traditional approach used in the CookieYes Cookie Consent Solution.

Cookie Scanner

  • Scans for pre-categorized cookies 
  • Auto-detect and categorize cookies and generate an audit report
  • Scans for cookies and trackers  

Consent Banner

  • Displaying a GDPR-compliant banner to get consent
  • Customizable banner 

Cookie Auto-Blocking

  • Automatically scan and block third-party scripts
  • Do Not Track (DNT) support
  • Integrates with Google Tag Manager  

Consent Log

  • Stores cookie consent  
  • Monitor the consent ratio  
  • Privacy Policy Generator
  • Creates a custom privacy policy  

Cookie Policy Generator

  • Creates a custom cookie policy  


  • Integrates with Google Consent Mode  
  • Implement cookie banner on any Content Management System (CMS) website  
  • Consent banner for mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.
  • Pre-built templates, auto-blocking, and DNT support.

Now, let's look at the Ketch platform features that include and exceed capabilities offered by the traditional approach. Ketch features fall into two broad categories, "Programmatic Privacy" and "Data and AI Governance."

Programmatic privacy

Data mapping & discovery 

  • Scans your data systems and classifies data sets.
  • Uses machine learning models, giving you a complete and growing picture of data across your organization.  

Consent & preference management  

  • Purpose-built for sustained and responsive compliance with privacy and AI regulations.  
  • Privacy primitives are defined and reassembled for each jurisdiction. 
  • Customize policies or use templates.

Risk assessments & reporting  

  • Risk assessments are natively connected, yielding real-time access to data and risk insights.
  • Implement privacy and security controls across the data lifecycle.  

Data subject rights (DSAR) fulfillment  

  • Cell-level control over data inclusion.  
  • Precisely enforce consumer preferences.  
  • Add layers of automation across all systems.  

Ketch Marketing preference management  

  • Custom styling.  
  • Native identity infrastructure recognizes people across devices and channels.

Data and AI Governance

Risk measurement & monitoring  

  • Quantify data risk.  
  • Flag policy discrepancies.  
  • Actionable data and risk policy.

Permissioning engine for AI  

  • Collect, record, and enforce privacy choices.  
  • Fulfill data subject requests in AI models.  
  • Sustained compliance.

GenAI shield  

  • Fortify and protect proprietary business intelligence.
  • Programmatic data governance for AI.  
  • Data discovery and classification.  

AI model governance 

  • Global system of record for AI models.  
  • Risk intelligence using AI for data-driven compliance decisions.  

Why choose Ketch vs. CookieYes?

You want to avoid the data privacy compliance risks today and into the future. That requires a platform that is designed to not only collect consent preference but also enforce it. Ketch can help.

Cookie Consent Management Tool  

With the complex and ever-changing web of regulations that we see today and into the future, your data privacy software needs advanced technology and features to protect your business from legal data privacy compliance risks.  

Many tools can collect consent, but collecting and enforcing consent is a different matter. You need more than just a cookie consent tool, you need a cookie consent management tool.  

Mitigate your risks

Over time, your business may have collected large quantities of data and you've lost track of some of it, violating data subject rights (DSR). With DSR fulfillment regulations that now require specific data to be returned, you may not be able to comply. You could be exposed to both legal and financial risk. Modern discovery and classification tools can save your business time and money by providing you with a comprehensive risk assessment. You won't find that in traditional cookie consent tools. 

Cost savings

By automating your compliance process, you can eliminate time-consuming, error-prone tasks, potentially saving as much as 80% of your operational costs.   

A modern classification tool must have features that:  

  • Can flexibly connect to data sets.
  • Provide centralized control.  
  • Enable privacy use cases like:

Data subject rights fulfillment

Security controls

Records of processing

Risk assessments

Dynamic consent management and data governance can improve your data utilization by 30-50%.  

Data discovery

  • Provides you with insights into the types of data you have.
  • Lets you know where sensitive data is located.  
  • Tells you who has the data.  
  • Updates people's privacy choices in real time.  
  • Works internally and externally across third parties.  

Consent and preference management

  • Readily adapts to regulation changes by using privacy primitives like processing purpose, legal basis for purpose, and rights offered.  
  • Primitives are defined and reassembled for each jurisdiction.  

Data governance

  • Quantifies your data risk.  
  • Compares your data and employee behaviors to your policies.  
  • Flags instances that don't comply with policy.  
  • Protects your confidential business data from misuse of generative AI.
  • Tracks AI models across your business to mitigate malicious activity.    

DSAR fulfillment

  • Collapses the costs of compliance.  
  • Automates data subject access requests from intake to fulfillment, virtually eliminating the inefficiencies associated with email and other manual methods.  
  • Provides more granular cell-level control over data selection in a subject request.
Read time
6 min read
September 9, 2023
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