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Understand your data footprint

Quickly find and assess data risks across your entire business. No spreadsheets required.

A modern and scalable approach to data mapping, data discovery, and data intelligence

Data discovery and data classification are foundational for privacy and governance programs. But traditional methods are problematic.

Manual surveys and spreadsheets are incomplete and immediately out-of-date. And they're not integrated with privacy software, making risk assessments, ROPAs, and PIAs difficult.
Today’s privacy landscape is complex enough. Modern privacy programs require efficient and dynamic data discovery that flexibly connects to data sets and AI models, offers centralized control, and enables privacy use cases such as data subject rights fulfillment, security controls, records of processing, and risk assessments.

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Ketch data mapping and discovery:
Work smarter, not harder with comprehensive tools


Data mapping and system discovery

Ketch data mapping and discovery scans your data systems and classifies data sets, using responsive machine learning models, giving you a complete and growing picture of data across your organization.

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Deep data discovery and classification

At a granular level, understand the types of data you have within every internal and third-party system. Know where every scrap of sensitive and personal data lives. Native integration to Ketch consent and preference management means people's privacy choices are updated in real time.

Data intelligence and reporting

Understand your risk holistically. With our native integration to Ketch privacy management software, you enable key privacy use cases like ROPAs and DPIAs, as well as centralized data governance policy-setting and enforcement.

How do I know if I need data mapping software?

Watch Max Anderson, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Ketch, help you understand when it is time for you and your business to invest in data mapping software.

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Product features

The Ketch Data Permissioning Platform includes everything you need to deploy a scalable data discovery and data classification solution for your organization.

No more static, manual spreadsheets and surveys. Ketch constantly scans your data systems (including third-party) across relational and non-relational databases, identifying & classifying structured and unstructured data. We classify your data sets using responsive machine learning models, giving you a complete and growing picture of data across your organization.

See data at an attribute level in a central location, with always-on updates as new data is added in each respective system, so you can make decisions without moving data.
Custom third-party system APIs with the Ketch Application Marketplace. Eliminate manual, static surveys from your data discovery process.

With the Ketch Application Marketplace, you’ll use our custom API integrations to connect to applications and service providers. Ensure disparate systems are distilled up to an intelligible, centralized view.
Including risk assessments, ROPAs, and DPIAs. Fulfill data subject requests for access and deletion with more granularity, with cell-level access and control.

Open up exciting use cases like dynamic ROPAs and DPIAs—build ROPAs without relying on a spreadsheet. You’ll have a comprehensive view of personal data processing and consent information, with efficient, always-on documentation.
No parallel data lakes; manage controls from a central interface. Let your data stay where it is, while you make decisions in a central policy engine, such as data formats like masking and tokenization, and enabling purpose-based access control.

Set policy and enforce internal access according to data processing purpose. Set security parameters on data access including plain, masked, tokenized, encrypted, or statistically anonymized.
data discovery overview in ketch platform
data discovery overview in ketch platform
privacy use cases examples
centralized control overview in Ketch platform
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“I’m glad to be partnering with Ketch, who are on the forefront of the data access and privacy revolution.”
Adam Korn,
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Measurable ROI

A dynamic, integrated data discovery and classification toolset that can connect to internal and external systems provides extensive ROI benefits.

Eliminate operational challenges for privacy compliance access requirements

Efficiently scale your privacy program against increasing regulations, and drive privacy team productivity of 20-30%.

Optimize your data footprint

Drive 30% reduction of data surface area with better data discovery, reducing breach risk and lowering discovery cost in the event of a breach.

Streamline your data discovery process

70% operational savings over traditional, manual survey-based data discovery.

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