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The data permissioning company

Our mission is to empower businesses to be responsible stewards of consumer data.

Ketch enables businesses and platforms to build trust with consumers and drive growth through data.

The Ketch Data Permissioning Platform is a coordinated set of applications, infrastructure, and APIs that collapses the cost and complexity of privacy operations and mobilizes responsibly gathered data for deeper customer engagement and top-line growth.
With Ketch Programmatic Privacy™ for privacy ops, companies can adapt programmatically to fast-changing regulations while managing risk and cutting operational and privacy engineering costs by 80%.

With Ketch Data and AI Governance, businesses achieve complete, dynamic data control and intelligence over a company’s vital data assets, building trust and creating the foundation for responsible AI and advanced data and analytics initiatives.
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Ketch by the numbers

Through a coordinated set of APIs, applications, and infrastructure, Ketch helps businesses:

Improve to operational efficiency by 80%  through automation of  cumbersome and manual workflows

Increase to customer purchase intent by 23%  with operationalization the responsible data practices that build customer trust

See 12x ROI compared to first-generation solutions


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Tom Chavez, Co-founder and CEO at Ketch
“I’m not a policy person. I’m not a legislator. We engineers like to build stuff. We've built a company that actually creates rights-respecting infrastructure and applications, so that companies can just do the right thing with data.”
Tom Chavez
Co-founder and CEO, Ketch

Ketch was founded in 2020 with vision of a world where data dignity prevails and all stakeholders responsibly harvest the gains of a data-driven economy.

Ketch team celebrating a milestone
Ketch teammates hanging out together
Ketch teammates celebrating an event
Ketch employees with Ketch booth in the background at IAPP event
Vivek Vaidya, Co-founder and CTO at Ketch
“Privacy compliance is not just a legal problem – it’s an engineering problem. Because at its core, regulatory compliance is about how you collect, organize, process, store, and use consumers’ data. We learned a lot of lessons as engineers building infrastructure to comply with these regulations, and we built Ketch as a gift to our former selves.”
Vivek Vaidya
Co-founder and CTO, Ketch

Meet our Dreamketchers


Tom Chavez
Vivek Vaidya
Maxwell Anderson
Head of Product
Alysa Hutnik
Chief Privacy and Data Security Architect
Anupam Gupta
Head of Customer Experience
Colleen Barry
Head of Marketing
Jonathan Joseph
Head of Solutions
Xavier Zang


“Responsible data practices have a significant and measurable impact on your bottom line”
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“Data privacy requires comprehensive safeguards that recognize the inherent value and vulnerability of personal information.”
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“We urgently need data infrastructure that allows data to flow freely through our economy but also leaves data subjects in full control over how their data is used.”
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“Responsibly-gathered data will be the default. Data strategy will be considerate of consumer preferences.”
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Ketch in the News

Max Anderson, Co-founder and Head of Product at Ketch
“Data privacy is at the intersection of three uniquely complex disciplines: law, data management, and advertising. We’re solving problems with the whole picture in mind.”
Max Anderson
Co-founder and Head of Product, Ketch

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