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Enhance your applications with our open, flexible  data privacy APIs.


Getting started with Ketch

New to Ketch? Our guides walk you through how to set up the Ketch Trust by Design Platform.


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Developer first APIs, SDKs, and native adapters.

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Ketch uses an industry-wide specification (OpenAPI) to help both humans and computers understand our service capabilities. We are iteratively designing APIs to meet various customer use cases, getting feedback from developers on its usability and functionality.
If they don’t fit your needs, we work with you to understand and incorporate your feedback into the API development process.

Our integrations

Connect your customers’ data collection preferences to every system and application in your data ecosystem, automatically.
Consent and preference management doesn’t stop at collection—the next step is enforcing those consumer choices across your downstream systems. As a Ketch customer, you gain access to the Ketch applications and integrations: our growing marketplace of custom API integrations for your most important applications. Save thousands in custom integration work by leveraging our automated APIs to pass and enact privacy signals across your ecosystem: data subject requests, opt-outs, and more.
The Ketch product team adds new partners to the marketplace at a fast rate according to customer demand. Request a demo to learn about our roadmap. In addition to the Ketch Application Marketplace, Ketch is an approved consent management platform partner for consent orchestration with all TCF entities.

Platform demos

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What do developers use Ketch for?

Ketch enhances your integrations and applications with our comprehensive and open suite of data privacy APIs. We treat our APIs like products, updating and documenting with consistent high priority.
Honor customer consent preferences across your data ecosystem
Anyone can collect customer consent. Earn customer trust by actually enforcing it.

Ketch consent and preference management ensures that your customers’ privacy choices are enforced across your entire data ecosystem by automatically deleting and modifying data in internal and third-party systems, securing your organization’s privacy  promise.
Maximize your understanding and utility of customer data
Improve data utility and decrease compliance costs by using modern privacy tech instead of manual surveys.

Ketch’s data discovery and classification automatically scans internal data systems and classifies your data, providing centralized visibility and control over decentralized data.
Create an automated, fast process for customer data access requests
Customers are increasingly aware of their data rights and willing to exercise them.

Ketch’s data subject rights fulfillment completely automates data subject access requests (DSARs) so your team can focus on building relationships with customers, not managing cumbersome and manual workflows.

Get started with Ketch

Simplifying your privacy program has never been easier. Begin your journey to simplified privacy operations and granular data control across the enterprise.