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Automate data subject requests

Free your stakeholders from manual DSR tasks. Ketch saves time with smart automation.

DSR fulfillment that collapses the costs of compliance
Expanding data privacy regulations and increased awareness of data rights are driving up volumes of data subject access requests (DSRs). For too long, businesses have been responding with costly, manual processes.

First-gen solutions are solving the problem with emails, not tech.
With Ketch, automate data subject access requests from intake to fulfillment, with tools that scale for businesses with a few data subject requests, or millions.

It’s time for a modern approach to DSR privacy: scalable solutions that collapse the cost of compliance, and provide your customers with seamless experiences they deserve.

Ketch DSR fulfillment.
Fully automated and scalable, from a few requests to millions

Add automation as you need it
Ketch manages DSRs from intake to execution, including support for Apple's in-app account deletion requirements. As your business and DSR volume grows, you can add layers of automation: from intake only, to drag and drop workflows, to automated execution of the request across all systems.
Perfect control over every scrap of data
From data access to deletion, you’ll have cell-level control over which data to include (or exclude) in a subject request. Enforce consumer preferences with granular precision.
Enforce people's privacy choices across your systems
The Ketch platform is a coordinated set of applications, APIs, and infrastructure. We’ve built the technical bells and whistles, so you don’t have to: including custom API integrations to third-party apps.

What makes Ketch DSR automation different from other tools?

Watch Vivek Vaidya, Co-Founder and CTO at Ketch, offer insights into the unique features of Ketch DSR automation.

Product features

The Ketch Data Permissioning Platform includes everything you need to deploy a scalable data subject rights fulfillment solution for your brand.
Deliver the right privacy experience to each consumer. Give customers perfect control over how you will use their data. Leverage our templates to set rights according to jurisdiction, or customize on your own. If there’s a right available anywhere in the world, you can offer it.

If future legal or compliance questions for individual consumers arise, respond with instant lookback and total recall of every consent, every permission, and every interaction.
Complete, end-to-end visibility and tracking for every subject request. Report on end-to-end fulfillment of privacy tasks such as deletion and access requests in a defined, custom workflow with approvals.

Ketch queue intelligence simplifies the fulfillment process by specifying which data is in scope for each request and routing each discrete task to the data owner directly.
Surgical control over what gets deleted, or accessed. Achieving perfect data control is the key to creating a seamless, automated DSR privacy experience.

Underneath the automation, Ketch provides granular options for what to delete and when, access controls, and more, all down to the cell level of data.
Enforce people’s privacy choices across your downstream systems. Save thousands in custom integration work by leveraging automated APIs in the Ketch Application Marketplace to pass and enact privacy signals to your third-party applications: DSRs, opt-outs, and more.

Fulfill your legal obligations and customer promise by reflecting privacy choices across internal and partner systems.
Granular control over what gets deleted, subject to your retention policies and regulatory requirements.

As of June 30, 2022, Apple requires all apps to comply with their new in-app account deletion requirement. Ketch supports these deletion requests with automated workflows to delete this data across all of your connected systems.
“We’re impressed with Ketch’s App Marketplace. Ketch connects people’s privacy choices to our CDP and data systems—a truly comprehensive consent and rights solution.”
Senior Vice President,
Legal and Business Affairs IMAX
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Measurable ROI

For businesses with high DSR volume and huge number of data systems the costs increase exponentially and quickly spiral out of control.
Collapse the cost of compliance
Ketch reduces the time per request to zero, and can save millions of dollars in development costs for fulfillment in internal data systems.
Future-proof rollouts
Ketch’s drag-and-drop workflow builder saves 90% of the setup time for new regulations and data rights.
Processing times automated at max
Solving for DSR privacy needs with manual processing is time intensive and complex, averaging 3-5 hours per request for third-party systems and often 20 hours per request for internal data systems.

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