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Ketch DSR automation unlocks efficiency and ease for 6sense

Manual, cumbersome data subject request fulfillment? Those days are over for 6sense. With Ketch, they save 500+ hours per year.
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March 21, 2024
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6sense was founded on the simple idea that B2B marketing and selling would be a whole lot easier if we knew exactly which companies were ready to buy. 6sense Revenue AI™ is the only sales and marketing platform to unlock the ability to create, manage and convert high-quality pipeline to revenue. 

Challenge: Finding an automated solution for high DSR volume

All modern businesses claim to be data-driven. But at 6sense, data is mission critical. As a leading B2B account-based marketing platform and provider of intent and contact data, 6sense arms revenue teams with the data,visibility and AI-driven recommendations they need to convert high-quality pipelines into revenue. Their success as the 58th fastest-growing company in the Americas is intimately tied to maintaining quality and integrity across their entire data ecosystem. 

6sense helps customers determine what companies are actively expressing interest in purchasing their products and enables its customers to reach out to business contacts at those companies in roles that are within the prospects’ buyer committee for sales and marketing use cases. In connection with this process, 6sense provides the data subjects whose business contact information is within 6sense notices and opt-out rights, information rights and all other rights required under applicable laws in connection with the processing of this data. To assist in its compliance processes, 6sense  adopted the Ketch tools to help process the steady stream of data subject requests it receives in the normal part of doing business.  

What is a data subject request? 

A data subject request, often referred to as a “DSR,” is a formal inquiry made by a customer (the “data subject”) to a business, requesting some access to or deletion of their personal data stored by the business. Modern data privacy laws and regulations include requirements for how businesses handle DSRs, such as how long it should take a business to fulfill a DSR. For a recent example, check out our article: How the California Delete Act will impact your business

Because 6sense privacy practices include notice and opt-out rights for the B2B contacts in its database, 6sense receives hundreds of DSRs per month. Every request required a series of manual tasks to be completed by internal stakeholders. The team’s top priority was to integrate a user-facing request process with its internal databases for automated access and deletion.

6sense had a legacy data privacy software solution in place but was looking to further automate many of its manual efforts. “Our manual DSR fulfillment process was not sustainable,” says Shubham Gupta, Product Manager at 6sense. “We needed an easy way to fully comply throughout our systems. With the right software solution, we could add automation to improve the process and set up for future scalability.”

When comparing their legacy software to the Ketch platform, 6sense knew that Ketch would deliver the improved automation and scaling they needed for a successful DSR fulfillment process. The teams wasted no time in kicking off. 

Solution: DSR automation for MySQL and third-party applications, leveraging Ketch developer tools

6sense and Ketch kicked off the project to implement Ketch DSR automation. Ketch helps businesses improve the DSR workflow process end-to-end, equipping privacy stakeholders with various tools to make the workflow design and execution easier. This includes key features like: 

Drag-n-drop workflow design

Stakeholders use the Ketch workflow builder to create DSR workflows that match their business processes. Using an easy system of tiles and connectors, no technical knowledge is required to build customized DSR workflows that incorporate your business-specific systems, apps, and stakeholder steps. 

Customizable automation possibilities

From basic to complex, Ketch makes it easy to automate the workflows and tasks that make sense for your business. From designing manual workflows, to automation at the workflow level, to automating the individual tasks themselves, Ketch options for automation are endless. Nothing is static: change your automations as your team and business processes change. 

Flexible system integrations

With 1000+ system integrations, customizable webhooks, and user identity recognition across systems, Ketch makes it easy to fulfill your DSRs in internal and external systems and applications. Use Ketch out-of-the-box connectors or build your own with our developer tools, including customizable webhooks. 

Leveraging these features, Ketch and 6sense worked together to create an automated DSR workflow that included automated fulfillment in the 6sense MySQL database. Given the criticality of this database to project success, Ketch product and engineering resources were intimately involved in the project, helping 6sense with fine-tuning and testing to make sure Ketch met expectations. 

“Ketch is a true partner,” says Kara Larson, Assistant General Counsel, Privacy and Compliance at 6sense. “We have an open feedback loop with their product team. They listen and deliver on our suggestions.”

Result: Time saved, investment realized, and plans for continued growth 

The 6sense team has come a long way from spending hours on semi-manual data subject request fulfillment. With Ketch DSR automation in place, 6sense is leveraging pre-built and custom APIs to automatically enforce privacy requests across their datasets. 

“Thanks to integrating Ketch with our apps for DSR automation, we estimate that we’ve saved at least ten hours per week, affecting six employees across four different departments. This is an annual internal savings of 500+ hours per year."
Shubham Gupta, Product Manager at 6sense

The Ketch and 6sense cooperative relationship goes beyond a typical software implementation. Ketch is actively engaged and partnering with 6sense to support 6sense in further enhancing automation and process efficiencies within the 6sense privacy program. Says Kara, “We offload manual, repetitive processes to Ketch so we can spend more time on high-impact, investigative privacy analysis and program strategy. Ketch is data privacy software for the modern privacy program leader.”

Read time
5 min read
March 21, 2024
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