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OneTrust alternative

Ketch vs. OneTrust for privacy management software

Manage expanding data and privacy compliance requirements with a flexible and integrated consent management solution that is a competitive OneTrust alternative.
First generation privacy software tools just aren’t designed to deal with the scale and complexity of today’s privacy, security, and data landscape.

From new compliance regulations to expanding data sets and stakeholders, you need privacy management software that will grow with your business.
Privacy management software should be responsive to growing regulation and compliance requirements and capable of communicating privacy signals and choices across your complex network of data systems, software, and devices. OneTrust is a popular consent management software, but may not fit all your compliance needs. When choosing a data privacy software, it is essential to compare platforms and services and to choose a vendor with services that meet your data privacy management needs. If you’re looking for OneTrust alternatives, consider these essential capabilities in your next-generation privacy management platform.

Ketch Migrator—For OneTrust

Tired of OneTrust? A modern solution is just a few clicks away.

First generation consent management platforms just don’t solve for modern day requirements. Among the many challenges, they:

  • Slow down website performance affecting search engine ranking and impacting revenue.
  • Let tags and cookies collect data before people have given consent, or after they've opted out, creating a compliance and trust issue.
  • Don’t enforce people’s privacy choices in downstream systems, eroding trust.

Next-gen privacy platforms like Ketch provide people with transparency,

and perfect control over uses of data. It’s the only way to stay compliant, build trust and drive brand value.

When you’re ready for an upgrade, the Ketch Migrator makes it quick and easy.

ScanAdd Ketch to the websites and apps you want to migrate. We’ll scan your data collection and privacy settings—such as data processing purposes, notices and disclosures, and styling.
TransferWe’ll import your privacy settings into the Ketch platform, and capture records of consent at the individual level.
DeployYou’re all set! When ready, switch over to Ketch and enjoy the benefits of responsive compliance, increased data utilization, and reduced compliance costs.
"Hoping that OneTrust addresses your privacy concerns is like hoping that a band-aid can alleviate a brain tumor".
Nishant Bhajaria in "Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers"
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Connected consent, preference, and privacy management platform

Consent Management Platforms need to go beyond just cookie banners. You can find additional security and privacy features when you search for alternatives to OneTrust.

When a consumer expresses their privacy preferences, you need to take action to ensure those preferences are respected wherever their data lives - on your website, and across ecosystems like Facebook and Google, and CRM systems like Salesforce. A consent management platform can make complying with consumer security preferences easy and reduce the risk of compliance issues.

Privacy orchestration
Ketch connects to downstream data systems to ensure consumer choice is respected everywhere, across internal data stores like Snowflake, and external 3rd party systems like Facebook.
Purpose-based fulfillment
Ketch goes beyond just cookie management, providing true service and communication of what you’re doing with data (aka the data processing purpose). Transparency on data processing purposes builds trust with consumers, and when people make privacy choices, Ketch enforces that choice throughout your data ecosystem. We pinpoint the systems that contain that person’s data and execute the request.
Personalized consumer experience
Using native identity resolution, Ketch delivers the right consent experience, to the right person, at the right time. First-gen tools are focused on cookies or single channels and can’t capture the end-to-end privacy experience people deserve. This is why it can be valuable to consider alternatives that can reduce the risk of poor management and unreliable service.

Automated DSR fulfillment

For many businesses, Data Subject Rights fulfillment is still a manual process, costing $1500 per DSR. Platforms like OneTrust provide you with a list of steps you need to take to complete the DSR process. Where’s the automation? 

Complete, end-to-end automation
Ketch provides automated, end-to-end DSR fulfillment, from rights intake to completion. Our management platform doesn’t provide a list of tasks for your team to handle; it actually does the compliance work for you, saving time and money. 
Surgical control over what gets deleted, or accessed
Underneath the automation, Ketch provides granular options for what to delete and when, access controls, and more, all down to the cell level of data. 

Dynamic and integrated data discovery

Many first-generation tools like OneTrust treat data discovery as a manual survey, disconnected from privacy use cases. Ketch data discovery is always-on and natively integrated with our privacy management software, driving efficiency for risk assessments reporting and DSR fulfillment services. 

Dynamic discovery
Ketch data discovery is always on, consistently scanning your data systems (including third-party): across relational and non-relational databases, identifying & classifying structured and unstructured data. Our approach drives 30% efficiency in time and expense complying with new security regulations.
Natively integrated with privacy
It is impossible to separate data visibility and control from building a future-proof, scalable privacy program. Ketch data discovery is natively integrated with our privacy management software, efficiently enabling privacy use cases (like assessments, DSR fulfillment, and reporting/audits) as well as centralized data governance policy-setting and enforcement.
Centralized control, decentralized data
With Ketch, we don’t ever see access credentials to your data systems, thereby mitigating risk, and ensuring safe and secure data discovery. Our infrastructure is designed to quickly understand what types of data exist and where it’s located - no more months-long processes that our competitors deploy. You set and enforce data governance policy from a centralized user interface while the data itself stays decentralized to decrease the risk of a privacy breach.

ROI with Ketch programmatic privacy

Your privacy management software should provide you with a measurable return on investment across your people, systems, and data. Ketch customers see an average 12x ROI compared to first-gen privacy solutions.
Revenue growth
Data utilization and privacy compliance are compatible. Ketch programmatic privacy delivers 11-30% more data utilization with regional, customizable privacy positioning. No more “GDPR Everywhere.”
Build trust and mitigate risk
One in five consumers have avoided buying a brand over its data practices, and 19% have switched to a competitor with better data policies because they want a vendor who will keep their information safe.*

With Ketch, we start with transparent and responsible data collection, and give brands control over the whole data lifecycle—from collection to utilization to retention. 

* Study by the Conference Board in collaboration with Nielsen.
Collapse compliance costs
Ketch programmatic privacy reduces compliance costs by 30% and saves substantially more for companies with high DSR volume. Simplify and automate ongoing compliance requirements to improve vendor risk management.

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