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The easy cookie banner you need, with bells on

Need to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy laws? Get modern, customizable cookie banners with Ketch Free.
Granular policy control
Granular positioning for any privacy law or data security policy
Flexible & adaptable
Easily add and change user privacy policies
Collapse operational compliance costs by 80%
Improve data utilization by 30-50%
Responsive & sustained compliance

Jurisdiction-aware cookie banners for every location you need

Customizable privacy experiences

Flexible styling to convey your brand voice

Best in class web infrastructure

Modern banner design = no impact to website performance

Eliminate manual tasks with automated banners

Get peace of mind with compliance everywhere

Customers 💜 Ketch

Marketing, IT, and privacy teams around the world use Ketch for easy data privacy compliance.
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SeatGeek is a customer of data privacy software Ketch
“We needed a fast, easy-to-deploy privacy solution and Ketch delivered on that promise. Onboarding was straightforward thanks to their qualified, hands-on customer experience team.”
Tim Janas

Senior Corporate Counsel, SeatGeek

Kodiak is a customer of data privacy management software Ketch
“I love how easy it is to customize privacy notices for our brand voice and add new tags for our marketing campaigns. If you need a privacy solution that works seamlessly with your marketing activity, Ketch is the answer.”
Tyler Rosengren

Head of Marketing, Kodiak Robotics

Good Smile Company chooses Ketch for its privacy compliance solution
“We needed to move from homegrown compliance to scalable, futureproof privacy tech. Ketch is a great solution for us. Today we’re complying with privacy regulations and respecting people’s privacy choices in every data system.”
Taylor Locke

Director of IT, Good Smile Company

Ketch Free cookie banner features

Ketch Free offers comprehensive cookie banner and consent management tools to help businesses uphold consumers’ privacy rights and data dignity.

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Customizable cookie banners by jurisdiction

Customize your cookie banners to every location you need to serve: GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, and more.

User-facing preference center for your web users

Give your customers granular control over how their information is used and how much access you have to their data.

Easy implementation

No coding required!  Use our short how-to videos to walk through the set up and deploy your cookie banners instantly.

Configurable data policy templates and privacy language

Use our quick-start policy templates to get started, and easily change policies in response to rapidly evolving regulations.

Flexible styling to convey your brand voice

Customizable styling and language to align with your brand and privacy management preferences.

Collect and record user consent

Record user privacy consent, notice, and disclosure information.
Extended features available

Enforce consent across your data systems

Setting up cookie banners to collect consent is step one. The next is enforcing people’s consent choices across your downstream data systems. Ketch makes this easy with Ketch Integrations. Our platform helps teams automate compliance faster with native integrations, APIs, and developer access.
snapshot of ketch privacy and cookie consent features and integrations

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Customers use Ketch Free to achieve easy data privacy compliance. With Ketch you can eliminate risk, reduce costs, and enable data-driven growth.