[đź”” New] No-code, full control: introducing Ketch Privacy Experiences

No-code, full control: introducing Ketch Privacy Experiences

Ketch Privacy Experiences makes it easy for non-technical teams to deploy customized, responsive privacy and consent experiences, all without any technical skills.
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June 25, 2024
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As the data privacy landscape rapidly evolves, the challenge of balancing regulatory compliance against the need for a seamless consumer journey grows increasingly delicate. Today, more than ever, brands require agile and flexible tools that not only facilitate swift adaptations but also ensure brand alignment.

At Ketch, we’re thrilled to announce a product update that tackles this challenge head-on. Today we launch Ketch Privacy Experiences, a breakthrough in no-code privacy management for consumer-facing privacy experiences. 

Let's explore the features and capabilities of Privacy Experiences (part of the Ketch consent management platform), available to all Ketch and Ketch Free customers. 

The significance of Ketch Privacy Experiences

Today, the consumer-facing privacy experience is synonymous with one thing: the infamous cookie banner. This pervasive, often obnoxious pop-up appears on nearly every consumer-facing website. 

Unfortunately, most cookie banner tools simply don’t meet the needs of modern brand teams: 

  • Brands want privacy experiences that match their brand look and personality 
  • The majority of cookie banner product don’t allow for that level of customization and configuration 
  • Most privacy teams don’t have dedicated engineering or developer support

Now: imagine a world where creating consumer-facing cookie banners and privacy experiences is easy, on-brand, and responsive. That's what we envision with the launch of Ketch Privacy Experiences: a breakthrough in no-code privacy management.

Designed to empower non-technical teams, Ketch Privacy Experiences offers an unprecedented level of customization and ease of use, enabling brands to design consumer-centric consent experiences without compromising on compliance with global data laws.

"Ketch is reshaping the future of permissioning, privacy, and consent. Our platform's unprecedented, no-code configuration capabilities will enable companies to design consumer-centric consent experiences while maintaining compliance with global data laws.”

Tom Chavez, Co-founder and CEO, Ketch

‍What makes Ketch Privacy Experiences a game-changer?

Here’s a breakdown of features that make this tool a must-have for any brand serious about making a good impression right from the get-go:

400+ no-code customization options 


Overview of 400+ no-code customization options 


Privacy is a team sport in many organizations, and it’s often the non-technical stakeholders that take the biggest leadership role in creating and deploying frontend privacy experiences like banners, modals, and preference centers. 

"Brand leaders are increasingly seeking to extend deep personalization to every customer touchpoint, including privacy experiences."

Maxwell Anderson, Co-founder and Head of Product, Ketch

With Ketch Privacy Experiences, non-technical stakeholders have over 400 different discrete, configurable components to use for designing and deploying privacy experiences that look and feel like their brand. This includes:

  • Unlimited text and background color editing and theme creation
  • Customizable display position on the consumer’s screen
  • Hide or show areas as desired (e.g. header or footer) 
  • Customize button number and placement in the banner, e.g. go from two to three buttons

No detail is too small, and everything is accomplished with no-code configuration. Whether you’re a lawyer or marketing manager, you’ll be able to deploy custom banners and modals across jurisdictions without developer support. 

Create your own, on-brand preference center 


snapshot of on-brand preference center 


Ketch Privacy Experiences includes the ability to create an on-brand, consumer-facing preference center for your business. A preference center is a centralized hub for your visitors to access privacy program elements like:

  • An intake form for submitting data subject requests (DSRs)
  • Adjusting data sharing preferences
  • Viewing documentation, like your company's privacy policy. 



In Ketch, non-technical stakeholders can now design and deploy on-brand preference centers. Add images, upload icons, hide/show various text areas, and change colors, all via clicks, not code. 

This capability is unprecedented in the consent management platform (CMP) vendor category. Other CMP vendors allow a branded (also called “headless”) approach, but it requires custom CSS and coding expertise to deploy. 

Responsive SDKs for iOS, Android, and React


Ketch Privacy Experiences have responsive SDKs for iOS, Android, and React


Software development kits (SDKs) are essential tools that allow developers to add specific capabilities to applications efficiently. An SDK is a collection of software tools and programs that developers can use to create applications for specific platforms. 

Ketch Privacy Experiences includes responsive SDKs for iOS, Android, and React, ensuring that your privacy experiences are always up-to-date with the latest features and compliance requirements.

These SDKs are designed to seamlessly integrate with your apps, providing a fluid and consistent user experience across all devices. Our SDKs automatically sync with our platform, meaning any changes or new features you configure through Ketch will instantaneously update across all versions of your app without additional developer intervention. No matter where your users view a banner, modal, or preference center, the experience will be responsive and tailored to their device. 

This automatic update capability significantly reduces the need for developer time, allowing your technical team to focus on other critical areas of your product development. 

Real-time WYSIWYG editor and preview mode


Real-time WYSIWYG editor and preview mode


When you’re creating new privacy banner styles and themes, the ability to see and test changes instantly is invaluable. Ketch's real-time WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and preview mode revolutionize how you can visualize and deploy consent experiences. 

You ensure that what you design is exactly what your users will see, eliminating any guesswork involved in creating consent interfaces.

The Ketch WYSIWYG editor displays your designs in real-time, providing a faithful representation of how your consent banners and modals will appear on your actual site. This means you can adjust and perfect your designs on-the-fly, ensuring they align perfectly with your brand and meet your specific needs.

Preview your designs across different devices, languages, jurisdictions, and even color themes without writing a single line of code. Our preview allows you to toggle between these categories seamlessly, giving you a comprehensive view of how your designs will look under various conditions. Whether it's adjusting for mobile responsiveness or testing color contrasts for accessibility (Ketch is WCAG compliant), our editor makes it easy to refine your consent experiences.

Get started with Privacy Experiences today

Ketch Privacy Experiences is more than just a tool—it's a comprehensive, no-code platform designed to transform how you manage consent and engage with customers. With robust customization options, seamless SDK integrations, and an intuitive WYSIWYG editor, Ketch empowers your team to create consent experiences that are not only compliant but also align perfectly with your brand's identity.

Ready to take your consent management to the next level? We invite you to experience the power of Ketch Privacy Experiences firsthand. 

  • Want to start exploring immediately? Sign up for Ketch Free, our free consent management offering. It's an excellent opportunity for you to test drive our platform and see the benefits of Privacy Experiences firsthand. 
  • Alternatively, if you prefer to see a guided tour of Privacy Experiences and how it can specifically benefit your business, schedule a demo with our team. We're excited to show you how Ketch can transform your digital consent practices and enhance user engagement.

Transform your approach to privacy and enhance your user's experience by giving them the respect and transparency they deserve. Get started today and make your privacy experiences a seamless part of your consumer journey.

Read time
5 min read
June 25, 2024
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