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Ketch Trust by Design is a coordinated set of applications, infrastructure, and APIs that collapses the cost and complexity of privacy operations and mobilizes responsibly gathered data for deeper customer engagement and top-line growth.

With Ketch: deploy once, comply and control everywhere.

And we mean everywhere.


Automate privacy operations from data discovery to DSR fulfillment.

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No more endless implementations with legacy tools. No more stale spreadsheets or tedious, manual workflows.
Today’s privacy landscape is complex enough. Modern data discovery and classification tools should flexibly connect to data sets, provide centralized control, and enable privacy use cases like data subject rights fulfillment, security controls, records of processing, and risk assessments.

It’s time for a modern, scalable, and futureproof approach to data discovery and classification.
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Consent and preference management doesn’t stop at collection. Are you respecting people’s privacy choices across your systems?
Legacy tools are just consent capture platforms. That's not enough to keep your business free from risk and build trust with your customers.

Ketch consent and preference management is flexible and adaptable to rapidly evolving regulations, with always-on, responsive connectivity across every consumer touchpoint and system.
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Static privacy assessments aren’t good enough for the modern, data-driven business. Switch to always-on with Ketch.
Understanding risk across your business is step one. Full value is realized with the deployment of privacy and security controls across your data systems and the data lifecycle.

With Ketch, get always-on assessments and reporting, with privacy and security controls.
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Are you managing DSAR fulfillment with emails and PowerPoints?  It’s time for modern, scalable tech from Ketch.
With Ketch, automate data subject access requests from intake to fulfillment, with tools that scale for businesses with a few data subject requests, or millions.

Provide your customers with seamless experiences they deserve, while you leverage automation that makes sense for your business.


Respect people’s data dignity. Mobilize data for top line growth.

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Make informed data policy decisions with Ketch access and usage intelligence.
Do you understand the who, what, where, and why of your data? With Ketch access and usage intelligence, understand what data is being accessed, how often, and for what purpose.

Perfectly align permission and privacy preferences to data needs across your business and stakeholders.
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Proactively manage your risk at scale with Ketch risk measurement and monitoring.
For years, companies have been focused on gathering as much data as possible, and  figuring out what to do with it later. This has led to data bloat and introduced  unhealthy levels of risk within most organizations. Risk measurement and monitoring delivers field-level control over your data asset, helping you mitigate your risk profile.
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Data control from beginning to end with Ketch data lifecycle management.
Data is on a journey as it flows through your business. If you want to maximize the ROI and utility of your data, you need to understand how data is moving through your company. Leverage Ketch to ensure responsible data practices across your data lifecycle.

Platform ROI

Ketch customers see an average 12x ROI compared to first generation solutions with Ketch Programmatic Privacy and Data Stewardship.
Measuring the ROI of data privacy: a comprehensive guide
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Collapse operational compliance costs by 80%
With Ketch programmatic solutions for privacy and data discovery, you simplify and automate ongoing compliance requirements. Free your teams from manual, repetitive tasks
Improve data utilization by 30-50%
Dynamic consent management and data governance give you complete data control to respect people’s privacy choices everywhere and leverage responsibly-gathered data for growth.
Increase data intelligence and security
Understand your data assets, and how they are being used. Reduce your attack surface by 20-30%.

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