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On-demand webinar
Shaking up data privacy in retail
Data privacy in retail trends, challenges and best practices, from balancing personalization with privacy, to collecting first-party data, to optimizing your marketing tech stack.
On-demand webinar
From chaos to clarity: mastering data mapping for privacy
Whether you’re a privacy professional, data stakeholder, or tech leader: this event is your guide to unlocking the data map.
On-demand webinar
Consumer AI opinions & impact to data privacy programs | IAPP webinar
Ketch and Kelley Drye experts share the results of a new research study that probes deep into consumer feelings about AI.
On-demand webinar
MMA Global POSSIBLE Keynote | DoorDash, e.l.f. Beauty, and Ketch
Innovation at the Core: How DoorDash and e.l.f. Beauty Leverage Data, Creativity, and Tenacity to Create Exceptional Brand Experiences
On-demand webinar
PrivSec Ketch webinar | How to measure data privacy program ROI
Modern privacy programs cut across all departments, having the ability to mitigate risk, reduce costs and build deeper customer relationships. Companies that maximize privacy...
On-demand webinar
Generative AI tips for privacy counsel and leaders
We discussed the intersection of privacy and AI and the implications for your privacy program, asking whether privacy is an enabler or inhibitor of innovation in AI and data...
On-demand webinar
2023 data privacy trends! Interview with Odia Kagan, Fox Rothschild
Get the “A to Z” of data privacy news, predictions, and best practices for 2023.
On-demand webinar
From programs to programmatic: new methods addressing data privacy
There was a time when a privacy program could rely on nothing more than emails, checklists, and spreadsheets.
Customer story
Access control & regulatory compliance: Interview with Adam Korn
Adam Korn and Yacov Salomon discuss the onslaught of privacy regulations, access control challenges and solutions.
On-demand webinar
Making data discovery the foundation of your privacy program
In this video, Ketch experts discuss how to create a data control program that lays a foundation for privacy.
On-demand webinar
How to comply with the GLBA
Listen to FTC and privacy experts from Ketch and Kelley Drye discuss what's new in the rule, why it affects more companies than before, and how you can comply.
On-demand webinar
Data control for IT and security leaders
IT and Security leaders are spearheading innovation: elevating data control as the key to scalable and future proof privacy compliance.
On-demand webinar
Digital advertising privacy & tech priorities for 2023
2023 will be a busy year for privacy teams balancing legal obligations and technology requirements.
On-demand webinar
Rethinking the marketing tech stack for data privacy
Marketing leaders are grappling with data and privacy challenges—a catalyst to rethink their tech stacks, customer experiences, and UX.
What Ketch does, explained in 2min
Ketch enables businesses and platforms to build trust with consumers and drive growth through data.
On-demand webinar
Using Ketch to comply with CCPA/CPRA and the Global Privacy Control
Privacy practitioners are facing steep compliance challenges relative to California data privacy laws CCPA and CPRA.
On-demand webinar
The person behind the data research report and live analysis
People’s heightened awareness of their data privacy and expectations of responsible data practices will shape privacy programs more than regulations.
2024 Data Privacy Trend Landscape
From digital advertising complexity, to dark patterns, to AI, get prepared for the year ahead with predictions and actionable advice from industry experts.
Data privacy software selection guide
How to choose the right privacy management solution for your organization.
What is privacy orchestration? A guide
At Ketch, Privacy Orchestration is the promise to operationalize a company’s privacy posture across every touchpoint, every consumer interaction, every jurisdiction.
The person behind the data research report, UK edition
The results provide a fascinating look into how businesses can build trust with consumers, and grow with data.
The person behind the data research report, US edition
The results provide a fascinating look into how businesses can build trust with consumers, and grow with data.
Guide to California privacy regulations
This guide will explain how CCPA/CPRA impact your business and help put you on the path to ensuring and easing compliance.
U.S. state privacy laws compliance guide
Download this guide for a crash course in U.S. state privacy law compliance: key similarities, gotchas to watch out for.
Calculating the ROI of data privacy investments
In our guide, learn how manage, measure, and evaluate your privacy platform for maximum ROI.

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