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Risk assessments just got cooler

Sick of static reports that don’t show you the full picture? So are we. Check off every risk acronym—DPIA, PIA, and ROPAs—with always-on privacy software, connected to your data systems.

Identify and treat data privacy risk
Most organizations know privacy assessments and audits as a once-a-year, point-in-time checkboxes. To stay compliant, you go through the arduous, manual process of conducting a PIA or DPIA as often as is required.

But what happens in between assessments? Your data changes and grows, while your risk assessment gets stale.
Modern data privacy regulations require businesses to have dynamic understanding of the personal and sensitive data they process and to define how it’s protected.

Understanding risk across your business is step one.  Full value is realized with the deployment of privacy and security controls across your data systems and the data lifecycle.

Ketch risk assessments and reporting.
Always-on intelligence across your sensitive data

Connected to data systems
Spreadsheets and surveys just don’t cut it anymore for PIAs and other risk assessments. With Ketch privacy software, your risk assessments are natively connected to your data systems, giving you real time access to data and risk insights.
Instant lookback, total recall
The Ketch permit vault is an always-on, real-time, interrogable record of privacy preferences for data processing purposes. Records of processing activity (ROPA) are available at the click of a button.
Data control, everywhere
Implement privacy and security controls  for data across its lifecycle. From collection, to utilization, to end-of-life controls: your intelligent assessments and reporting will inform your data decisions in a whole new way.

Product features

Dynamic, regulation specific risk assessments such as DPIAs, PIAs and reporting like ROPAs.

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