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Travel & hospitality

Your customer experience is your product. Make privacy a seamless part of the journey.

Travel and hospitality brands use Ketch to create privacy experiences that mobilize responsibly gathered data for customer retention and trust.
Our customers
An international resort conglomerate achieves data control with Ketch
For an international brand with complex compliance and data requirements, Ketch is the tech-driven, developer-first solution they needed.
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ChallengeA global resort company needed a singular platform to facilitate global compliance across all sub-brands, now and in the future. Of primary concern was automation of manual tasks: the team was spending about 20 hours per DSR fulfillment request. They also wanted a dynamic data discovery tool to replace their static, legacy discovery process.
SolutionKetch is helping the business meet the demands of privacy regulations by providing a platform that automates their existing privacy stack and future-proofs their program. The brand will be nimble enough to adapt to any business changes or new privacy regulations ahead.
ImpactKetch's modern tag architecture and orchestration have improved site traffic by 46% from their previous cookie banner solution.


From hotel chain to airplane, travel and hospitality brands need to create a personalized customer experience rooted in trust.
In “The Person Behind the Data,” a survey of 5,000+ consumers across the US and UK, we asked people what data practices impact their purchase intent. Travel and hospitality customers claimed data retention as the biggest factor. Are you deleting customer data within a reasonable timeframe? Globally, the hospitality industry is the third most targeted for for cyber-attacks. Consumers will prioritize companies that take steps to safeguard data and mitigate risk.
Travel and hospitality companies have enormous data assets—borne from from loyalty programs, co-branded credit cards, and direct customer interactions. But trust in this industry is comparatively low; 38% of all US adults and 50% of US Gen-Z don’t trust travel and hospitality companies. By minimizing data, and only using data for its original intended purpose, travel and hospitality companies can establish relationships built on trust and stand out from the competition.
To comply with modern privacy regulations (like CCPA/CPRA in California), collecting consent preferences from your customers is only half of the consent and preference management equation. The second half is enforcing those preferences. Are you reflecting people’s privacy choices across your data systems and apps, ensuring their preferences are respected everywhere? Smart, privacy-centric brands will stop making hollow customer promises, and shift to creating collection and usage strategies that respect people’s choices everywhere.
of people in the US & UK highly value data privacy, compared to:
Highly value diversity and inclusion
Highly value sustainability
Get more consumer opinions on data privacy in our study with MAGNA Global Media Trials: The Person Behind the Data
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What do I use Ketch for?

Your customers want to learn about new products and receive personalized experiences. Create loyalty and trust by delivering on their expectations through responsibly gathered data.
Create privacy notices that match your brand
Privacy needs to be a seamless part of the guest and traveler journey, not a bolted-on afterthought. Ketch consent and preference management is completely customizable to your brand style and voice, so you can gather data responsibly without disrupting the customer experience.
Maximize your understanding and utility of guest and traveler data
Improve data utility and decrease compliance costs by using modern privacy tech instead of manual surveys. Ketch’s data discovery and classification automatically scans internal data systems and classifies your data, providing centralized visibility and control over decentralized data.
Create an automated, fast process for customer data access requests
Customers are increasingly aware of their data rights and willing to exercise them. Ketch’s data subject rights fulfillment completely automates data subject access requests (DSARs) so your team can focus on building relationships with customers, not managing cumbersome and manual workflows.

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