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Understand your AI model footprint

Ketch is a system of record and source of truth for AI models across your business.

Build a source of truth for your AI models with a system of record.
Generative AI presents businesses with incredible opportunities for accelerating innovation and productivity. But as interest and usage skyrockets, so does risk to the business. It’s  the latest flavor of shadow IT: employees and departments experimenting with AI in silos, leaving IT and compliance leaders in the dark regarding the organization’s risk exposure and total footprint.

What you need is a single source of truth: a system of record that monitors data in AI models across the business.
From recording each model’s intention, to monitoring data inputs and outputs, to maintaining a centralized model registry–a system of intelligence that not only provides visibility, but informs your next steps. Armed with knowledge, you can make data-driven decisions for compliance. 

Ketch AI model governance is a system of record–a source of truth–for your AI models. With increased fidelity and decreased risk, you can safely unlock the value, productivity, and competitive advantages of Generative AI.

Ketch AI model governance: your system of record for AI initiatives

Global system of record for AI models across your business
Record each model’s intention, attestations of non-bias, target audience and other business or legally mandated obligations in a centralized model registry.
Understand the data inputs and the outputs of all models, tied directly to the model registry. Track and audit AI models. Support decisions for model risk management. 
Actionable risk intelligence
Gain a new level of insight and risk mitigation into your data and AI ecosystem. Intelligence for managing risks and making data-driven decisions for compliance.

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