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Businesses deserve data dignity, too

Protect against inadvertent misuse of business confidential data in AI initiatives.

Putting the brakes on AI isn’t the answer.
As AI tools become democratized for individual consumer use, those use cases are rapidly extending to workday productivity. In many cases, this can be a great thing–increasing output, productivity, and quality. But we’ve all heard the Samsung example: in careless hands, business confidential data can leak out of the organization through employee behavior.

Generative AI presents businesses with incredible opportunities for accelerating innovation and productivity. Putting the brakes on these initiatives isn’t the answer to protecting business data.
We often talk about the importance of data dignity for each person–respecting their individual right to data privacy. It’s time to start protecting the data dignity of businesses, too. If you want to move AI initiatives and employee access from testing to production, you need Enterprise Data Fortification™: data-level security across your data ecosystem, ensuring nothing confidential leaves the business. 

Ketch GenAI shield helps you protect business confidential data from inadvertent misuse and access. Enable your teams to safely leverage data for use in AI initiatives.

Ketch GenAI shield: data level security to protect against inadvertent misuse and access

Fortify and protect proprietary business intelligence
Use Enterprise Data Fortification™ to protect company confidential and sensitive data against leakage in open source AI workflows. Anonymize and encrypt data before it hits public Large Language Models. 
Programmatic data governance for AI
At a granular level, set policy for which data types can be shared with AI models. Flag misuse or non-sanctioned data use.
Data discovery and classification
Understand the types of data you have within your data systems. Assign custom data classifications that are relevant and meaningful to your business.

Maximize the value of generative AI while mitigating the risks

Leading companies, including Apple, Amazon and JPMorgan Chase have banned ChatGPT due to concerns of employees leaking sensitive internal data.”
As GenAI becomes increasingly pervasive, companies are faced with a choice: allow unfettered access and risk security and privacy concerns, or ban generative AI completely and lose productivity and innovation gains. Seems like two bad options. 
With Ketch, companies can enforce AI policies through data controls, capturing the value and competitive advantage of GenAI while mitigating the risks. 

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