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Unlock the value and velocity of your AI initiatives

Privacy-safe, permissioned data is a foundational requirement for using AI in production.

AI initiatives are dead-on-arrival if access to personal data is hampered by privacy and compliance gaps.
From sensitive health data, to children’s privacy, to state and country data privacy regulations: businesses and brands face strict requirements for protecting employee and consumer privacy. Finding and classifying this data across your business systems and apps is a complex undertaking. What happens when we add AI initiatives to the list?

Generative AI presents businesses with incredible opportunities for accelerating innovation and productivity. But as sensitive and personal data finds its way to AI models, you must stay vigilant to protect this data according to fast-evolving regulatory and risk requirements.
If you want AI investments to mature from testing to production, you need controls that respect employee and customer data dignity: identifying sensitive and personal data, enforcing opt-outs, and fulfilling data subject requests. 

‍Ketch permissioning engine for AI ensures only privacy-safe, permissioned data enters AI models. Enable your teams to unlock the value, productivity, and competitive advantages of Generative AI.

Ketch permissioning engine for AI: feed your AI models with consented, responsibly-gathered data

Collect, record, and enforce privacy choices
Solicit and record all the variations of consumer permission – consent, opt-outs, and disclosures. Ensure privacy choices are enforced wherever data lives, including open source Large Language Models.
Fulfill data subject requests in AI models
Perfect control over every scrap of data. From data access to deletion, you’ll have cell-level control over which data to include (or exclude) from AI algorithms.
Sustained compliance
Purpose-built for sustained and responsive compliance with current and future privacy laws. Privacy primitives such as rights offered, permitted use and the required legal basis (e.g. consent) are defined and reassembled for each jurisdiction.

Why Ketch? A strong privacy foundation is key to unlocking AI value

44% of organizational data is inaccessible due to privacy and PII considerations
As your organization moves beyond AI experimentation to operationalization, a fully-permissioned data layer is critical to scaling and maximizing the value of AI investments. Privacy and compliance gaps limit access to data for model training, and prevent companies from scaling AI projects from pilot to production.

According to Accenture, 12% of companies have advanced their AI maturity enough to achieve superior growth and business transformation; and on average, these companies attribute 30% of total revenue to AI.
Ketch enables businesses with a privacy-safe data foundation that accelerates and captures value from AI.

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