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Securiti alternative

Ketch vs. Securiti for privacy management software

Manage expanding data and privacy compliance requirements with a flexible and integrated consent management solution that is a competitive Securiti alternative.
Some privacy software tools just aren’t designed to deal with the scale and complexity of today’s privacy, security, and data landscape. From new compliance regulations to expanding data sets and stakeholders, you need privacy management software that will grow with your business.

Privacy management software should be responsive to growing regulation and compliance requirements and capable of communicating privacy signals and choices across your complex network of data systems, software, and devices.
Securiti is a popular privacy management software, but may not fit all your compliance needs. When choosing a data privacy software, it is essential to compare platforms and services and to choose a vendor with services that meet your data privacy management needs. If you’re looking for Securiti alternatives, consider these essential capabilities in your next-generation privacy management platform.

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Get a dynamic, next-generation data discovery and classification solution with Ketch. Contact us to see the demo:
Ketch is a leader in Consent Management Platform (CMP) on G2
Ketch is a leader in Consent Management Platform (CMP) on G2

Always-on discovery for every row, column, and cell

Ketch constantly scans your data systems (including third-party) across relational and non-relational databases, identifying & classifying structured and unstructured data.

We classify your data sets using responsive machine learning models, giving you a complete and growing picture of data across your organization. See data at an attribute level in a central location, with always-on updates as new data is added in each respective system, so you can make decisions without moving data.

Responsive solutions for CCPA, CPRA, GDPR, and beyond

Whether you're subject to one privacy law or fifty, Ketch has you covered. With Ketch consent and preference management, you can use our pre-defined templates to quickly spin up privacy policies, regardless of jurisdiction.

Enforce consent choices across your entire ecosystem

Get always-on, responsive connectivity across every consumer touchpoint, platform and system. With the Ketch Application Marketplace, you’ll use our custom API integrations to connect consent choices to your applications and service providers.

Platform integrations are set up in minutes through a clicks-not-code, zero-engineering-experience. Check out the live marketplace.

Fully automated DSAR fulfillment that scales from a few requests, to millions

Ketch manages DSARs from intake to execution. As your business and DSAR volume grows, you can add layers of automation: from intake only, to drag and drop workflows, to automated execution of the request across all systems.

ROI with Ketch programmatic privacy

Your privacy management software should provide you with a measurable return on investment across your people, systems, and data. Ketch customers see an average 12x ROI compared to first-gen privacy solutions.
Revenue growth
Data utilization and privacy compliance are compatible. Ketch programmatic privacy delivers 11-30% more data utilization with regional, customizable privacy positioning. No more “GDPR Everywhere.”
Build trust and mitigate risk
One in five consumers have avoided buying a brand over its data practices, and 19% have switched to a competitor with better data policies because they want a vendor who will keep their information safe.*

With Ketch, we start with transparent and responsible data collection, and give brands control over the whole data lifecycle—from collection to utilization to retention. 

* Study by the Conference Board in collaboration with Nielsen.
Collapse compliance costs
Ketch programmatic privacy reduces compliance costs by 30% and saves substantially more for companies with high DSR volume. Simplify and automate ongoing compliance requirements to improve vendor risk management.

Read what customers are saying on G2 about Ketch as a Securiti Alternative.

Excellent experience from start to finish
Tim J.
Senior Corporate Counsel
The tool itself is amazing, designed to do exactly what's needed.
Jonathan H.
Senior Director of Global Marketing
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