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Three requirements to futureproof your data privacy program

When it comes to data privacy, smart companies ensure they’re compliant with all relevant privacy regulations. But really smart privacy professionals go further than checking the box on compliance. These leaders ask how they can futureproof their data privacy program by charting a responsible path forward and operationalizing privacy across their entire data ecosystem.

Building your data privacy program

In a new piece for CPO Magazine, Ketch Head of Solutions and Marketing Jonathan Joseph argues that to take compliance and data privacy processes to the next level, organizations need three key things.

1. A rich baseline understanding of your data

A robust data discovery and classification toolset is the foundation of every futureproof data privacy program. Data discovery tools must be dynamic, always-on, and integrated with privacy software. Building an always-on understanding of the data collected and stored across your business is key to driving cost effective, timely and accurate assessments.

2. The ability to break complex regulations down into manageable building blocks

What are these building blocks? At Ketch, we call them privacy primitives. These primitives include the fundamental rights afforded to citizens in each jurisdiction, as well as the requirements from which all regulations are assembled such as data processing purpose and legal basis. When grouped according to custom requirements, they can be applied and enforced at scale.

3. Powerful connectivity to enforce privacy decisions across the data ecosystem

The average business has 30+ data systems. When a consumer makes a privacy decision or access request, your business must be able to enforce these choices seamlessly across every system, including downstream partners and service providers. Ensuring downstream enforcement of people’s privacy choices is essential in a modern, complete privacy program. 

Leverage new tech to create a stronger data privacy program

Fortunately, Jonathan writes, it’s already possible for organizations to achieve these things using modern, programmatic privacy solutions. “Privacy-mature businesses are already delivering beyond basic compliance, supporting business initiatives that responsibly leverage data for growth, while respecting people’s data dignity.” 

Read the full CPO Magazine piece here — or get in touch with the Ketch team today to find out how a programmatic solution can help your organization prepare for a privacy-safe future.

Privacy Tech
May 11, 2022

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