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Creating flexible consent experiences at Prestige Consumer Healthcare

Prestige Consumer Healthcare (PCH) is the largest independent provider of over-the-counter products in North America. For generations, their trusted brands have helped consumers care for themselves and their loved ones. It is their mission to preserve this trust.

The Challenge

A "GDPR-everywhere" consent approach wasn't working

PCH had deployed a generic cookie banner solution that wasn't customizing privacy notices according to jurisdiction. Whether GDPR or California Do Not Sell, the consumer received the same experience. This one size fits all approach caused a major dip in site traffic, too; at its worst point, a 56% decrease. PCH wanted to strike a balance of responsibly leveraging data for growth while enhancing transparency and giving meaningful choice to its consumers.

The Solution

Flexible, customized consent across jurisdictions

With Ketch's consent and preference management platform, PCH centralized policy creation and privacy notice customization. Ketch's proprietary policy language identifies repeating privacy primitives like purposes, legal bases, and rights, and translates them into templates. This gave PCH a repeatable approach for different jurisdictions.

To address the site traffic issue, Ketch replaced the generic cookie banner solution with Ketch Smart Tag, a lightweight, modular solution that enables faster on page privacy experiences. And Ketch's tag orchestration ensured tags would fire in alignment with consumer choice: customizable to the user, location, and jurisdiction.

“Modern privacy tools like Ketch enable you to achieve growth with data while ensuring privacy compliance.”
Chief Privacy Officer, PCH brand agency partner

The Result

A measurable, business-impacting decrease in manual effort

PCH can now confidently collect and use appropriate user data while honoring consumers rights and preferences. Ketch's modern tag architecture and orchestration have improved site traffic by 46% from their previous cookie banner solution. Today, PCH is working to deploy Ketch across all 200+ brand websites.

Case Study
June 21, 2022

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