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What is privacy orchestration?

It's no secret—every company that has adopted first-generation privacy tools knows how much work remains to operationalize their privacy initiatives in a cost-effective, policy-driven manner.

While these first-generation solutions were great temporary fixes for pending regulations, the key to conquering complexity in privacy is to embrace new technology for data control.

At Ketch, we refer to this technology as Privacy Orchestration. Check out the 10 points below to understand the what, why and how of this innovative new approach to privacy management.

  • Privacy Orchestration is the ability to operationalize a company’s privacy posture across every touchpoint, every consumer interaction, every jurisdiction. As you can imagine, doing so requires deep capability in data management and control to navigate the complexities of today’s privacy landscape.
  • Jurisdictional complexity results from the growing and ever-changing set of rules and regulations, each with its own take on data privacy, emanating from new laws in a growing number of economically significant jurisdictions. Responding to it with incremental, legacy approaches is unscalable and costly.
  • Businesses can run, but can’t hide, from the challenge of fragmented digital identities when it comes to privacy. When a consumer expresses a preference in an email form, a mobile app, a website, or a phone, those expressions must be reconciled and mapped to a living, breathing person, not an isolated digital identifier.
  • Conquering the complexity of privacy orchestration across a multiplicity of systems requires mastery of the coordination, transmission, and enforcement of privacy instructions.
  • Building data control capability is critical for businesses for privacy compliance and to meet consumer expectations because businesses are responsible for protecting the data they collect even if—or perhaps especially when—they choose to share it with service providers.
  • Operationalizing privacy requires solving for the absence of a common privacy language i.e. the Tower of Babel problem—one compounded by a multiplicity of systems across which privacy must be respected.
  • Businesses must re-tool to meet their service providers systems wherever they are on the maturity curve today:
  • Seamless communication of privacy instructions builds and maintains customer trust while ensuring scale, flexibility, and productivity for data-driven initiatives
  • The key to conquering complexity in privacy is to embrace new technology for data control.
  • With granular data control, businesses can build programmatic and scalable privacy programs that collapse the costs of compliance, respect data dignity, and responsibly leverage data for growth.

To learn more about Privacy Orchestration, check out our most recent white-paper which explores our solution in depth.

Privacy Tech
July 7, 2021

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