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Consent management

Cross-channel collection, comprehensive enforcement.

Your Challenge
The dynamic nature of consent
Consumers change their minds and their data usage preferences at any time. Are you able to keep up?
Our solution
Global standartization
The Ketch data control platform enables organizations to manage consent and ensure that it is respected 24/7.

Deploy once, comply everywhere, globally!

Ketch’s data-governance and privacy compliance platform offers a global framework for an end-to-end data control.

Consolidate and customize

Consolidate consent requirements into customized privacy experiences.

Address marketing, cookie, generic consent, and preference management with a single solution. Batteries included; no extra modules or implementations required.

Responsive experiences

Think of Ketch as your Privacy CMS.

Deliver the right experience to each consumer at the right time and in the right context. Move away from one-size-fits-all privacy programs and deliver specific experiences appropriate for every regulatory obligation. Ketch’s Experience Server detects and serves each consumer a unique experience based on your specification.

Activate consent

Don’t just capture consent, respect it!

Keep all data management systems in sync with consumer’s consent expressions through fully automated partner integrations.
Integrations are set up in minutes through a clicks-not-code, zero-engineering-experience.

Integrated identity

Sustain awareness of consumer identity across all relevant touch-points and channels.

People, not devices, invoke rights. Build trust with your consumers by ensuring that all of their privacy permissions are synchronized across all touch-points and channels.

Connect with Ketch!

Simplifying your privacy program has never been easier. Our team of privacy experts are here to help you on your journey to complete privacy automation.