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Consent and preference management

Provide transparency and give people perfect control over uses of data.

Expanding data regulations, fragmented digital identities, and sprawling data ecosystems drive a lot of complexity for privacy programs. It’s not just about compliance; people’s expectations for responsible data practices and respect for their data dignity raises the bar even higher.

Ketch offers scalable and responsive tools that help businesses conquer the complexity in privacy, and demonstrate responsible stewardship of personal data in every interaction across every jurisdiction.

Ketch consent and preference management is flexible and adaptable to rapidly evolving regulations, with always-on, responsive connectivity across every consumer touchpoint and system.

It’s time for a modern, flexible approach to consent and preference management.

Why Ketch for consent and preference management?

Ketch is purpose-built for sustained and responsive compliance with any data law, now and in the future. Privacy primitives like processing purpose, legal basis for that purpose, and rights offered are defined and reassembled for each jurisdiction. Customize your own, or use our templates. 
Flexible policy management
You need to ask for and record consent, notice, and disclosures—but don’t stop there. Enforcing those preferences is critical. Ketch connects to your downstream and partner systems to ensure people’s privacy choices are enforced wherever data lives.
Deliver just-in-time, pitch-perfect privacy experiences. Ketch native identity infrastructure recognizes people as people, across devices and channels. We deliver the right experience, to the right person, at the right time—all customizable to your brand voice and style. 

Ketch platform features and capabilities

The Ketch Data Control Platform includes everything you need to deploy responsive, identity-aware consent and preference management for your business. Features include:

Responsive and sustained compliance

Easily keep up with expanding regulation requirements.

Move away from one-size-fits-all privacy notices and deliver specific experiences according to your applicable data privacy laws and jurisdictions.

Ketch uses privacy primitives like processing purpose, legal bases, and rights to build privacy positioning for every regulation, now and in the future. More about Ketch responsive compliance. 

Customizable privacy experiences

One consent management solution for all of your customer needs.

Deliver just-in-time, pitch-perfect privacy experiences to your customers. Ketch’s native identity resolution recognizes users across different channels and devices, ensuring you deliver the experience they’ve asked for.

With one solution we handle marketing, cookie, generic consent, data subject rights, and preference needs. Create custom styling and language to project your brand voice while building trust and transparency.

Best in class web infrastructure

Smarter technical design = improved performance.

Our CMP deployment includes the Ketch Smart Tag: delivering high performance privacy notices with modern standards.

The lightweight footprint, dynamic Javascript, and asynchronous loading help you improve page load times while you record consent, notice, and disclosures against customizable data processing purposes and legal basis. See the SmartTag demo.

Enforce consent choices across your ecosystem

Connect to downstream systems with the Ketch Application Marketplace.

Get always-on, responsive connectivity across every consumer touchpoint and system. With the Ketch Application Marketplace, you’ll use our custom API integrations to connect consent choices to your applications and service providers.

Integrations are set up in minutes through a clicks-not-code, zero-engineering-experience. Check out the live marketplace.

Head of Risk & Compliance, Selina Advance
Ketch is a simple solution in a complex world.

Measurable return on investment

A good consent and preference management platform (CMP) should do more than “check the box” on your regulatory compliance needs. With the right solution, your CMP can increase your brand value: showing transparency, building trust, and ultimately driving customer loyalty.
Our tailored approach drives 11-30% more data utilization and growth compared to one size fits all models.
With Ketch’s programmatic approach you avoid at least 30-40% of the typical costs when implementing new regulations.
One in five consumers have avoided buying a brand over its data practices, and 19% have switched to a competitor with better data policies (Consumers’ Attitudes about Data Protection, The Conference Board). Build competitive differentiation with responsible data practices starting with transparency and control.

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Simplifying your privacy program has never been easier. The Ketch Data Control Platform helps you achieve complete data control for privacy, governance, and security use cases.

Your consent and preference management solution should be responsive and customizable across jurisdictions, connected to your systems to enforce privacy choices, and complementary to your brand voice and customer experience. The Ketch Data Control Platform can meet these needs and more: Contact Us to book a live demo.