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Data discovery & classification 

Advanced tools to discover, classify, and catalog internal and external data systems.

Your Challenge
Understanding your data universe
Companies need an automated way to discover, classify, and inventory internal data for their privacy programs and enterprise data governance.
Our solution
AI powered data discovery
Ketch automates the complexity of data discovery by scanning internal data systems, classifying data sets using machine learning, and centralizing data governance policies using no-code/low-code interfaces.
Universally compatible

Seamlessly connect and discover all your data systems without data exfiltration.

Complete data context

Centralize your understanding of what data exists, when it’s collected, where it’s stored and how it’s used with live data maps.

Powered by machine learning

Leverage advanced machine learning to give meaning to your data; identify business context, sensitivity score, privacy risk, and more.

Connect with Ketch!

Simplifying your privacy program has never been easier. Our team of privacy experts are here to help you on your journey to complete privacy automation.