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Don’t just assess risk, control it

Proactively identify data privacy risk across your business and develop tailored mitigation strategies.

For years, companies have been focused on gathering as much data as possible, and  figuring out what to do with it later
This has led to unhealthy levels of risk within most organizations. Risk measurement and monitoring delivers field-level control over your data asset, helping you mitigate your risk profile.

Proactive controls compare your data and employee behaviors to your policies and flag non-compliant instances. This helps you identify and respond to potential issues quickly, before they have a chance to grow into big problems. For example, maybe your organization has customer credit card records in an unsanctioned database or cloud storage app - not good. Wouldn’t it be great to be alerted of  this immediately, and have the right tools to take action?
Risk measurement and monitoring helps you manage this risk at scale, taking a holistic view by identifying pockets of risky behavior across your organization. Unsanctioned data transfers, non-confirming data, and third-party relationships are flagged and feed into your baseline risk score which is measured and optimized over time.

Armed with this knowledge, you can introduce tailored strategies to mitigate risk. Minimizing and deleting data, modifying or revoking access, and plugging sources of data leakage all contribute to a reduced risk profile.

Ketch risk measurement and monitoring

Quantify data risk
Measure your risk profile across your data ecosystem, with granular detail on data types and permissioned use. Understand third-party risk with visibility on unsanctioned secondary and tertiary data transfers.
Flag policy discrepancies
Quickly address data that doesn’t conform to policy. Proactive controls that compare your data and employee behaviors to your policies and flag non-compliant instances.
Actionable data and risk policy
Scalable integrations across data classification and policy platforms to inform risk strategies and give you a layer of control.

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