[đź”” New] No-code, full control: introducing Ketch Privacy Experiences

Privacy maturity assessment

Baseline your current program maturity, understand current gaps and opportunity areas, and create a personalized future-state roadmap.

After hundreds of conversations with customers, partners and industry leaders, we’ve identified the five following key dimensions that directly link to a program's success:
Focuses on the requirements to manage a fully-permissioned data asset across the organization with complete control and governance across the data lifecycle.
Focuses on the organization’s ability to quickly identify, prioritize, and remediate data risk.
Customer Trust
Focuses on the level of data transparency and consumer control that builds deeper relationships and drives growth.
Focuses on the capabilities of the program that enable greater scale and operational efficiency.
Focuses on the level of employee collaboration, process, and organizational design.
After you’ve taken the privacy maturity assessment, you'll have a clear picture of your current challenges, opportunity areas and priority use cases.

The next step is to map use cases to privacy tech.