The Deploy Once, Secure and Comply Everywhere Platform

Always-on, set-it-and-forget-it compliance 

Policy Center

The Ketch Policy Center gives you granular control over your privacy positioning.

Made-to-measure: Achieve a perfect fit with detailed, granular positioning for any law or policy

Constant Connectivity:  Ensure always-on, 100% policy realization across every consumer touchpoint and system

Adapt Quickly: Easy to add and change new policies to adapt to fast-changing laws or evolving changes in your business’s privacy posture

Experience Server

Trust and transparency with customers are crucial brand differentiators. The Ketch experience server collects and records consent, giving your customers perfect control over their data usage.

Customizable User Experience: Use the style, language, and timing to meet users on their own terms and timing

Cross Channel Identity Management: Eliminate redundant prompts by recognizing people wherever they show up (desktop, mobile, tablet, OTT)

Brand Building: Project your brand voice through just-in-time, pitch-perfect privacy experiences

Consent Orchestration

Ketch ensures that customer privacy choices are respected everywhere in your data ecosystem.

Control Web Trackers: Ketch’s in-house web infrastructure expertise and hands-on tag manager configuration ensure trackers respect consent signals

Ecosystem Consent: Propagate customers’ permissions across partner and vendor systems.

Multi-mode Signal Communications: Ketch ensures signals transmitted across the entire ecosystem through traditional API, Ketch Transponder, or Ketch Synthetic APIs

Rights Orchestration

Manual fulfillment of data rights requests is slow, expensive, and prone to error. Ketch makes them fully programmatic. 

Automate: Ketch automates the search and fulfillment of DSRs, saving you time and money

Marketplace: Easily add data systems with our drag-and-drop marketplace

Meet Timelines: Move beyond a to-do list to hands-free, API-driven software

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