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Does data privacy orchestration have you adding resources?

After decades of the unrestricted “Wild, Wild West” of the Internet, complying with consumer rights granted by data security and privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA in the evolving digital landscape has likely become a struggle if your company is built with consumer and customer data. And frankly, there are few, if any businesses, that aren’t.

While complying with these complex provisions has undoubtedly been a bit of a bumpy road for your business, the crux of these regulations is that consumers are empowered to request that you disclose, provide access to, rectify or delete all their personal data. That’s anything from identifiers like names, email addresses, and account numbers, to commercial records like browser history, cookies, and online transactions. And when those data subject requests come in, it’s up to you to fulfill them across any and all systems where personal data resides.

Easier said than done, right?

Orchestrating compliance requests involves a complex workflow of verifying the request, finding the data—whether in-house legacy, cloud-based, data warehouse, or third-party systems—and going through all the steps within each system to fulfill the request. Depending on the size of your business, orchestration encompasses dozens, or even hundreds, of systems that collect and store data in multiple formats across multiple business units.

Think about it. All of advertising and personalization depends on personal data—what you buy, where you live, where you go, and even what you look like. You can be guaranteed that no matter what your business, personal data about your customers resides in far more places than just your CRM. It’s in everything from financial and customer-service systems, to logs, developer data stores, backups, websites, and all over the cloud. To complicate matters, a customer may be John Smith in one system, reward member #45783290 in another, and cookie AqfaAU9kUEpEbAtlD in yet another.

Much like a conductor charged with directing dozens of instruments across various sections all playing a different score, no job in data compliance is more difficult, and more important, than orchestration. But unlike the conductor who knows exactly when and to whom to wave the baton, the time-consuming and daunting task of orchestrating data compliance requests is lumpy and unpredictable; there is no warning and no ability to plan, causing your business to scramble and disrupt daily business operations.

Sure, you have spreadsheets, documented procedures, or even third-party ticketing solutions to help you organize requests and cobble together your workflow for determining all affected systems and those responsible for fulfilling data subject requests within each of those systems. But regardless of how efficient your approach and the fictitious claims of “automation” from third-party privacy and ticketing solutions, the actual process required to manually remove personal data from every system takes time and resources.

Amidst the legal and regulatory risk of compliance and the manual, error-prone process of responding to data subject requests, you are not alone if you’ve found your business needing to hire more staff, tying up your development team, or simply pushing out all the work that you do to grow your business—all of which are bad (and expensive) choices. These are, however, choices you don’t have to make.

We built Ketch to automate the capture and fulfillment of consumer data subject requests. We actually automate workflow—not just the creation of tickets—to give you robust orchestration without having to conduct a complex symphony of systems, ending your compliance headaches and doing away with that $100K data compliance analyst job you posted last week.

Click HERE to schedule your demo and learn how Ketch can help your organization automatically orchestrate data subject requests to cost-effectively and easily comply with privacy regulations.**

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June 30, 2020

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