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Ketch supports global business growth at K16 Solutions

K16 needed a data privacy solution to grow with them, supporting global expansion and new tech initiatives. They turned to Ketch for help.
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September 15, 2023
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Founded in 2018, K16 Solutions, Inc. (“K16”) provides data solutions to the higher-ed and K12 community in partnership with some of EdTech’s leading organizations such as Instructure, D2L, Anthology (Blackboard), OpenLMS, and Coursera. K16’s mission is to revolutionize EdTech by changing how higher-ed leaders access, move, and analyze their content and data.

“The Ketch platform is a cornerstone of K16’s privacy program. They’ve helped us implement sustainable compliance across the globe. With Ketch, we’re making privacy a growth lever for business expansion.”

Brian Hickie, Chief Information Officer, K16 Solutions

The challenge: removing data privacy compliance as a barrier to business growth

K16 helps educational institutions across the globe solve their biggest EdTech challenges. K16’s reputation for solving problems with innovative technology is growing, and its business is expanding with it.

Armed with a plan for active European expansion, K16 needed to tackle one major hurdle first: data privacy compliance. Doing business with EU consumers requires compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), one of the strictest privacy laws in the world.

In addition to respecting consumer privacy rights in the EU and beyond, K16 needed a reliable data privacy solution to point to in the due diligence process with new partners and clients.

K16 turned to its partner CrossCountry Consulting for a privacy tech vendor recommendation. CrossCountry suggested that Ketch would be a great fit for easy data privacy compliance.

The solution: immediate regulatory compliance with Ketch consent and preference management, plus a complete platform to support future growth

Regulatory compliance was K16’s immediate priority. K16 and Ketch kicked of their partnership by deploying Ketch consent and preference management.

Ketch consent and preference management provides K16 with a centralized interface for creating privacy policies and consumer-facing notices (such as cookie banners). Using the Ketch policy templates for GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, K16 quickly deployed jurisdictionally-aware privacy notices for EU residents.

The Ketch policy center includes templates for every major data privacy law, with flexibility to customize according to specific business requirements. Using robust, native identity resolution, Ketch delivers the right consent experience, to the right consumer, at the right time and touchpoint.

Within a month, Ketch privacy notices were live on the K16 website. This completed the first phase of the Ketch deployment. With basic GDPR compliance ensured, K16 now turns to deploying the complete Ketch platform.

Unlike many legacy privacy tech vendors, the Ketch platform is a connected, interoperable solution for data privacy management. This means that instead of providing modular, disconnected solutions for various privacy needs, Ketch is a purpose-built, single platform that solves for multiple privacy use cases with centralized visibility across all.

In phase two of the Ketch deployment, K16 and Ketch teams will deploy the following capabilities in addition to consent and preference management:

  • Data subject rights fulfillment to automatically fulfill consumer data access and deletion requests across K16’s internal and external data systems
  • Data mapping and discovery to automatically find, tag, map, and continuously catalog sensitive personal data across the K16 data ecosystem
  • Risk assessments and reporting for turnkey privacy risk assessment templates (DPIAs, PIAs, and TIAs), including stakeholder collaboration tools and dynamic data updates

The result: sustainable regulatory compliance, and a foundation for privacy program maturity

When K16 engaged Ketch, the Company was concerned about data privacy compliance being a barrier to business growth. Today, that concern is minimized. With Ketch, K16 is deploying jurisdictionally-aware privacy notices to consumers across the globe: ensuring its data and consent capture conforms to global opt-in and opt-out frameworks. Ketch’s single platform approach gives K16 sustainable compliance, with no add-on modules or costs when the Company needs to enter a new jurisdiction or country.

Furthermore, K16 can confidently satisfy due diligence questions from potential partners and clients about its privacy posture.

“Building partner and client relationships is the foundation of our business growth. Thanks to our partnership with Ketch, we’re making good on the promises in our privacy policy and positioning privacy as a growth lever for increasing revenue.”

Brian Hickie, Chief Information Officer, K16 Solutions

Perhaps most exciting, implementing Ketch has kick-started the K16 team on their journey towards a mature data protection and privacy program. Wherever and however their business grows, Ketch is ready to grow with them.

Read time
4 min read
September 15, 2023
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