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Kodiak Robotics: better UX with Ketch data privacy tech

Kodiak Robotics wanted to modernize their approach to data privacy. The customizable, agile Ketch platform supports their growth.
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January 26, 2023
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Kodiak Robotics is building the trucking industry’s most advanced self-driving technology, founded by a group of self-driving industry veterans intent on helping solve some of the most foundational issues facing the US economy today. They believe trucking will see the first widespread adoption of self-driving technology, ultimately saving lives, increasing supply chain efficiency, reducing costs and emissions, and enhancing driver quality of life.

The challenge: finding an easy data privacy solution - with potential for future strategic growth

Kodiak Robotics, a leading self-driving trucking company, hasn’t encountered many data privacy issues to-date in their company building journey. But much like the need to build a fundamentally safe foundation for self-driving technology and operations long before you ever put it on the road, Kodiak also believes that being proactive about its data collection practices and privacy posture is necessary to building a modern business. 

Kodiak creates sophisticated, cutting-edge self-driving technology incorporating machine learning and AI. They wanted a seamless, easy-to-deploy solution to satisfy the now, with potential to scale in the future for any unique or complex data privacy issues they might encounter. At their current stage, the most pressing need that Ketch was built to address was incorporating data privacy compliance into marketing campaigns and channels. Kodiak wanted to maintain a seamless customer experience, blending data privacy requirements into the customer journey. 

The solution: customizable, easy-to-use consent management and rights fulfillment

Ketch recommended that Kodiak begin by signing up for Ketch Free. Ketch Free (a $10,000/year estimated value) is Ketch’s free consent and preference management toolset. At no cost, Ketch Free customers have capabilities for consent management, policy and notice management, cookie and mobile app consent, and DSAR intake. 

Kodiak liked the Ketch Free tools. Their development team was impressed with the ease of deployment. They contracted with Ketch to extend capabilities to include website tag orchestration and end-to-end DSAR fulfillment (automated from intake to fulfillment). Tyler Rosengren, Kodiak’s Head of Marketing, was especially interested in tag orchestration. With the ability to add privacy tags to marketing campaigns, Kodiak would be able to align user data collection choices to each individual’s marketing experiences. 

Ketch partnered with Tyler to deploy consent & preference management (CMP) for Kodiak. Ketch CMP enables centralized policy creation and privacy notice customization for any jurisdiction. Ketch’s proprietary policy language identifies repeating privacy primitives like purposes, legal bases, and rights, and translates them into templates. Kodiak and Ketch worked together to create the appropriate privacy notices and banners for each jurisdiction, leveraging Ketch’s tools for customizing style and language to reflect their unique brand look and voice.

After deploying Ketch tag orchestration, the Ketch customer experience team enabled Kodiak to create tags on a continuous basis to support marketing campaigns. The team loved Ketch’s no-code admin experience, enabling the marketing team to administer tags without technical support. 

"Ketch makes the onboarding process easy with their hands-on Customer Experience team. I love how easy it is to customize privacy notices for our brand voice and add new tags for our marketing campaigns. If you need a privacy solution that works seamlessly with your marketing activity, Ketch is the answer." - Tyler Rosengren, Head of Marketing at Kodiak Robotics

The result: a compliant, easy-to-use privacy solution that enhances the customer experience

Today, Kodiak’s websites and other web presences  are delivering customized, jurisdictionally-aware consent experiences for their users. No matter the marketing channel, customers receive an experience aligned with their data collection preferences. The responsive Ketch platform ensures they are set up to scale for future regulations (like future data privacy laws in the U.S. and internationally) without having to uproot or redesign the tech. 

“Our privacy requests are few today, but we’re growing fast. I wanted privacy software that could meet our basic requirements, with the ability to expand for complex use cases down the road. The Ketch platform is the perfect growth partner for Kodiak." - Jordan Coleman, General Counsel at Kodiak Robotics

Perhaps most importantly, in Ketch, Kodiak has found a growth partner to support their evolving privacy needs. From new jurisdictions, to advanced data discovery and classification, to unique marketing use cases, the Ketch Data Permissioning Platform can expand according to Kodiak’s requirements. With Ketch, Kodiak Robotics is building trust with their customers while they leverage responsibly-gathered data for company growth. 

Read time
4 min read
January 26, 2023
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