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Learn why Ketch is built for marketing teams with Colleen Barry, Head of Marketing at Ketch

Get permissioned data for more powerful, personalized campaigns

Learn why Ketch is built for marketing teams with Colleen Barry, Head of Marketing at Ketch
Colleen Barry, Head of Marketing at Ketch
Tyler Rosengren,Head of Marketing, Kodiak Robotics
“I love how easy it is to customize privacy notices for our brand voice and add new tags for our marketing campaigns. If you need a privacy solution that works seamlessly with your marketing activity, Ketch is the answer.”
Tyler Rosengren,
Head of Marketing, Kodiak Robotics

Ketch for marketing teams

For marketers, data is life. Personalized campaigns, loyalty programs, and market relevance all depend on activating customer and prospect data. But privacy regulations are challenging your access to data. From cookie deprecation to cookie banner requirements, it’s getting harder to build personalized, seamless customer journeys.

Privacy software to enable data-driven, confident marketing

Privacy and marketing don’t have to clash. When marketers use Ketch, privacy goes from being a growth obstacle to a growth lever. Ketch gives you the ability to seamlessly incorporate the consent experience into your frontend user experience, and connect people’s consent data to your systems to ensure you have permissioned data to use in campaign activation and personalization strategies.

Improve consumer consent and opt-in rates


Maximize first-party data quality and quantity


Increase brand trust and purchase intent

A data privacy software designed with marketers in mind

Flexible, on-brand cookie banners for every location

Ketch Consent Management
Overview of Ketch consent management platform

Customizable experiences to maximize consumer understanding and consent

Ketch Marketing Preference Management
Ketch marketing preference management

Connect people’s consent signals to your data systems

Ketch Integrations
Ketch integrations overview

Built for non-technical teams to get up and running, fast

Hands-on deployment support

Our customer success experts make getting started easy with Slack communication, weekly checklists, and deep documentation.

Zero technical roadblocks

Give your engineers a break. Ketch software is easy for legal and marketing teams to use with our WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop interface.

Boost internal communication

Implementing Ketch encourages collaboration. Build critical connections with data practitioners across the business.
Andrew Williams,Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Spreedly
“The Ketch team is incredibly responsive. I can’t recall ever having this level of support from a vendor. The flexibility and dedication they show to moving fast and getting issues resolved makes a huge difference.”
Andrew Williams,
Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Spreedly
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Colleen Barry, Head of Marketing at Ketch
“We spend so much time on personalization, crafting the perfect journeys and conversion points for our prospects and customers. Asking visitors for consent is unavoidable, so why not make it an integrated part of the consumer experience? Smart marketers are tackling this head-on, not hiding in the shadows.”
Colleen Barry
Head of Marketing, Ketch