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Just 3 weeks to achieve data privacy compliance with Ketch

Global payments provider Spreedly needed a data privacy solution fast to replace a dated legacy vendor. They turned to Ketch for great tech and speedy deployment.
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November 3, 2023
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Spreedly turns possibilities into payments. Tens of thousands of global businesses depend on their robust orchestration platform, diverse ecosystem of services, and unmatched market perspective to optimize digital growth. Customers connect to the global payments ecosystem with the Spreedly API, using multiple PSPs and any payment service to create an enterprise-grade payments stack.

"We are absolutely delighted with our Ketch experience to date. Their responsiveness to our implementation has taken us from project start to go-live in just three weeks. Few vendors can match this time-to-value."

Jennifer Rosario, Chief Information Security Officer, Spreedly

Challenge: Replacing an unresponsive legacy vendor as quickly as possible 

Tens of thousands of global businesses depend on Spreedly to create an enterprise-grade payment stack. In turn, Spreedly needs its own technology vendors to be responsive and reliable partners. 

When Spreedly’s legacy data privacy software vendor started showing gaps in customer service and support, Jennifer Rosario, Spreedly’s Chief Information Security Officer, knew it was time to move on. The legacy contract was about to end, and Spreedly needed to avoid a gap in data privacy compliance. 

Spreedly has a global customer base, subject to privacy laws everywhere from Europe (GDPR), Brazil (LGPD), and the United States (CCPA/CPRA, VCDPA, CPA, and more). These jurisdictions have varying degrees of severity in compliance requirements, and Spreedly couldn’t risk a period of no compliance to search for a new vendor. 

Research in places like G2 led the Spreedly team to Ketch. With a promise of fast deployment and excellent support, Spreedly signed on and the work could begin. 

Solution: Hands-on implementation support to ensure a speedy go-live

The Spreedly and Ketch teams wasted no time in getting started. With website privacy notices being the immediate priority, they began with deploying Ketch consent and preference management.

Spreedly needed website privacy notices that would automatically recognize visitor locations, serving the appropriate privacy experience. Ketch consent and preference management enables Spreedly with sustainable data privacy compliance for every regulation, now and in the future. 

Ketch made the deployment happen quickly with hands-on implementation sessions, twice-weekly, to jump right into deployment. Andrew Williams, Spreedly’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager, was impressed:

"The Ketch team is incredibly responsive. I can’t recall ever having this level of support from a vendor. The flexibility and dedication they show to moving fast and getting issues resolved makes a huge difference."

Ketch includes a centralized, no-code interface for policy creation and privacy notice customization. Using the Ketch templates for various privacy laws, Spreedly quickly deployed jurisdictionally-aware privacy notices for their website visitors. The Ketch policy center includes templates for every major data privacy law, with flexibility to customize according to specific business requirements.

Result: Zero to go-live in just three weeks

After just three weeks, Spreedly made a clean transition from their legacy vendor to Ketch. They successfully avoided a gap in data privacy compliance. With Ketch, Spreedly hasn’t just replaced an unresponsive legacy vendor; they’ve found a reliable, next-generation platform to support business growth. 

Now that consent and preference management live, Spreedly and Ketch are looking ahead to the next phase: deploying Ketch data mapping and discovery. With Ketch data mapping, discovery, and classification tooling, Spreedly will be able to find and classify sensitive and personal data across their full data ecosystem. 

Read time
3 min read
November 3, 2023
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