At Ketch, we’re strong believers in the idea that data privacy isn’t just about compliance. Data privacy is about meeting your customers’ expectations, and enshrining true data stewardship as one of your core business values.

That’s the argument I'm making in my article for VentureBeat: Data privacy matters for your business. It's time to make it a core business value.

The data shows that 74% consumers now see their privacy as one of their top ethical priorities—as significant as sustainability, equality, or any other ethical issue. And people are voting with their wallets: purchase intent jumps by 23% or more when companies implement responsible data practices.

Your customers are speaking loud and clear. They are saying that they care about how their data is handled—and that they’re ready to reward companies that share their values and protect their privacy. It’s time to treat privacy as a key strategic priority—and find new ways to deliver the engaged, transparent, and robust data stewardship that consumers now crave.

Read the full VentureBeat article, or check out our 2022 consumer perspectives survey to learn more about what real people think about data privacy and business practices.

September 2, 2022