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What is Ketch Free? Free consent and cookie banner software

Ketch Free delivers comprehensive tools to help businesses respect consumers’ rights to privacy and data dignity.

Ketch, the next generation data control platform for privacy, governance and security, is offering free solutions to help businesses struggling to comply with privacy regulations.

With the launch of Ketch Free, businesses receive a comprehensive and free-to-use privacy solution that streamlines all aspects of privacy and enables them to build trust, conquer complexity, and ensure the success of their compliance programs.

Ketch Free offers integrated policy management, consent management across web and mobile, notice management, data-subject requests, identity management, and all of this across jurisdictions--at no cost to the business.

Companies that use Ketch Free will benefit from:

  • Future-proof data privacy compliance including GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, LGPD and others;
  • Pixel-perfect privacy banners to record consent, deliver notices and disclosures across web and mobile;
  • Flexible preference center for consumers to control their data and exercise their rights;
  • Quick deployments with configurable policy templates and privacy language.

“The days of businesses taking liberties with consumer data are over,” said Tom Chavez, Co-Founder and CEO of Ketch. “Over the past five years, we’ve seen too many privacy violations, too many businesses failing to safeguard and honor consumer privacy. It’s no surprise that people everywhere are rebelling against unauthorized tracking and selling of their data.”

Many companies continue to struggle to meet privacy requirements, especially as more complex and restrictive policies are set into place.

“We realized that we could advance the interests of consumers and businesses alike by removing all the obstacles,” explained Chavez. “That’s why we decided to offer Ketch at no charge. Privacy shouldn’t be seen as a burden, but as an essential human right. We need to start viewing compliance as an opportunity to show consumers the respect they deserve.”

Ketch Free can be live in a lunch hour using quick-start policy and privacy templates, explicitly designed to help users who aren’t experts in privacy law configure and activate a comprehensive privacy framework for their business. Companies can sign up for Ketch Free here.

About Ketch

Founded in 2020 by data management veterans and serial entrepreneurs who’ve successfully built and scaled enterprise systems for the world’s largest companies like Salesforce and Microsoft, Ketch helps businesses build trust with consumers while controlling and harnessing data to fuel core operations and top-line growth. By maintaining dynamic data compliance with fast-shifting national and state regulations, Ketch’s customers cut their operational and privacy engineering costs by 80% and enjoy compliance with all data regulations, now and in the future. Ketch’s deploy-once, comply-everywhere architecture delivers comprehensive data privacy, governance, and security for large and medium-sized businesses seeking to protect data, build trust with consumers, and compete successfully in data-driven markets. More information at

February 1, 2023

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