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Responsive, agile data privacy compliance to support your growth.

Tech companies use Ketch to create easy, jurisdiction-aware privacy experiences that support data-driven growth across the business.
Our customers
SeatGeek achieves flexible, scalable privacy automation
“We needed a fast, easy-to-deploy privacy solution and Ketch delivered on that promise. Onboarding was straightforward thanks to their qualified, hands-on customer experience team.”

Tim Janas,
Senior Corporate Counsel, SeatGeek
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ChallengeWhen SeatGeek began the process of expanding their customer base to include Europe, there was one thing they weren’t set up to handle: GDPR compliance. They needed a simple, segmented solution for European visitors with heightened expectations of transparency and data privacy.
SolutionThe Ketch Customer Experience team partnered with SeatGeek stakeholders to deploy consent and preference management (CMP). Over the course of just a few requirements gathering meetings with the SeatGeek team, Ketch used these templates to build and customize SeatGeek’s GDPR policy.
ImpactKetch's modern tag architecture and orchestration have improved site traffic by 46% from their previous cookie banner solution.


Whether you’re a growing SaaS organization or high volume tech manufacturer,  you shouldn’t have to worry about privacy requirements impeding your agility and growth.
By 2023, 75% of the world is expected to be subject to some type of data privacy regulation. If you’re growing a business that spans countries and jurisdictions, this stat may see defeating.

In reality: with the right technology, it’s possible to seamlessly comply with multiple privacy regulations at once. Adopting a repeatable, “building block” approach to assembling privacy policies makes deployment easy. The best part: when you create customized consent experiences that respect people’s data and choices, you start to build an ecosystem of responsibly-gathered data that you can confidently use to grow your business.
In “The Person Behind the Data,” a survey of 5,000+ consumers across the US and UK, we asked people what data practices impact their purchase intent. These four practices are: transparency, retention, minimization, and sharing.

Focus on getting these four practices right. To learn more about each, download the study below.
To comply with modern privacy regulations (like CCPA/CPRA in California), collecting consent preferences from your customers is only half of the consent and preference management equation. The second half is enforcing those preferences. Are you reflecting people’s privacy choices across your data systems and apps, ensuring their preferences are respected everywhere?

Smart companies will stop making hollow customer promises, and shift to creating collection and usage strategies that respect people’s choices everywhere.
of people in the US & UK highly value data privacy, compared to:
Highly value diversity and inclusion
Highly value sustainability
Get more consumer opinions on data privacy in our study with MAGNA Global Media Trials: The Person Behind the Data
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What do I use Ketch for?

Tech companies continue to redefine how we interact with products, services, and each other. Support your innovation with an equally agile, future-proof privacy tech solution.
Responsive compliance across jurisdictions
Stop worrying about add-on modules for every new data privacy law. You need an agile privacy  solution that supports growth. Ketch consent and preference management delivers responsive compliance in every current and future jurisdiction.
Maximize your understanding and utility of customer data
Data is critical to maximizing your customer experience. To do this, you need a comprehensive understanding of what you have and how you can use it. Ketch data discovery and classification automatically scans your data systems and classifies your data, providing centralized visibility and control.
Create an automated, fast process for customer data access requests
Customers are increasingly aware of their data rights and willing to exercise them. Ketch’s data subject rights fulfillment completely automates data subject access requests (DSARs) so your team can focus on building relationships with customers, not managing cumbersome and manual workflows.

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