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Snowflake Horizon + Ketch: delivering data privacy governance

Snowflake Horizon has launched for all Snowflake customers. Learn how Ketch supports for complete data privacy compliance.
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January 29, 2024
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Navigating the changing landscape of data management governance can be overwhelming. From evolving rules and regulations to making sense of governance best practices, effective data management requires intentionality. One of the most important choices you can make for your organization is selecting the right partners in your data journey.

Ketch has always prioritized simplicity, automation, and integration when it comes to data privacy compliance. And through Snowflake Horizon, our data privacy governance capabilities are made easily available to Snowflake customers.

Announcing Snowflake Horizon

Snowflake Horizon is Snowflake’s built-in governance solution with a unified set of compliance, security, privacy, interoperability, and access capabilities. Snowflake Horizon makes it easy for companies to govern and take immediate action on data, apps, and more across clouds, teams, partners, and customers — both inside and outside of organizations.

Integrations with other Apache Iceberg-compatible catalogs and engines, and with partners like Ketch, further extend Snowflake Horizon across customers’ ecosystems.

Snowflake Horizon values interoperability between systems, and the Ketch platform and products complement Snowflake’s native features, enabling joint customers with a comprehensive suite of data governance and privacy tools. Our partnership with Snowflake is a natural extension of our mission to help companies to protect data while leveraging it for business growth. It’s easier than ever to be confident in storing and securing your company’s valuable data.

How Ketch supports Snowflake customers

To reap the benefits of the Snowflake Horizon Partner Ecosystem, start with leveraging Snowflake for storing your company data. Snowflake boasts an extensive list of features, including metadata retrieval, data masking, object tagging, and more, producing a comprehensive solution for a broad range of data-related needs.

Once you’re using Snowflake, you can engage Ketch products to enhance your data governance capabilities. Ketch's native integrations to Snowflake help you address key privacy concerns like:

  • Consent management
  • Data subject rights fulfillment
  • Data mapping, discovery, and classification
  • Privacy risk assessment inputs
  • Privacy support for composable CDPs

Our products are pre-built to integrate brilliantly into Snowflake’s data architecture, making it easy to layer and integrate data privacy controls into Snowflake governance features.

Here’s a deeper look at what Ketch can do for your data in Snowflake.

Consent management

Ketch consent management makes it simple for companies to collect and enforce people’s privacy choices. From implementing privacy banners and modals on your website, to passing consent signals into your downstream data systems and applications, Ketch helps you orchestrate consent throughout your business with ease.

If you store data in Snowflake, Ketch automatically connects these consent signals to your Snowflake account. Then, using the Snowflake Horizon row access policies feature, Ketch helps you enforce these consent choices at a granular level throughout your Snowflake database. No code writing or effort required on your part: Ketch does the work for you with our custom Snowflake integration.

With Ketch, you can be confident that all data in your Snowflake instance (and beyond – check out our Integrations library) is responsibly gathered and compliant with privacy and AI regulations. Ketch policy templates help you stay current with ever-shifting data privacy regulations, so you can achieve adaptive compliance with every data law.

DSR automation

Managing data subject requests (DSRs) is an essential data privacy program requirement. New requirements like the California Delete Act and in-app deletion requirements for Google and Apple have made this a critical priority. Ketch DSR automation makes DSR fulfillment easy:

  • Design your DSR workflows with our easy-to-use, drag-n-drop workflow builder
  • Limitless automation capabilities: from manual workflow design to full-blown automated task handling, Ketch grows with your requirements
  • Flexible, comprehensive options to meet your business needs: 100s of system integrations, customizable webhooks, and user identity recognition across systems

Thanks to the Ketch-Snowflake integration, your DSR workflows will be able to automatically connect to Snowflake to carry out data subject access and deletion requests. For example, Ketch uses the Snowflake Horizon dynamic data masking feature to complete data deletion requests across your Snowflake data instance.

Data mapping, discovery, and classification

Data mapping is a cornerstone for the modern privacy program. It’s an essential step in understanding the personal data footprint across your business systems and applications.

Ketch leverages Snowflake Horizon’s native ability to retrieve metadata using account_usage views or information_schema, to help Snowflake customers gain visibility of their personal data footprint inside Snowflake. Then, Ketch dives deeper: continuing our four-phased data discovery approach to achieve prioritized, granular understanding of your personal data locations and risks. Ketch data classification is machine-driven and inference-based, giving you a complete and growing understanding of data types and locations across the database.

Privacy risk assessments

Completely privacy risk assessments can be repetitive, thankless work for many privacy program leaders. It’s difficult to get buy-in and participation from business stakeholders, and the volume required can be hard to keep up with. Ketch makes risk assessments and reporting easier:

  • Autocomplete 80% of assessment answers by integrating assessments with Ketch data mapping
  • In-platform stakeholder collaboration tools designed to facilitate dialogue and get answers fast
  • Automated risk detection to help you decide where assessments are needed

When you’re running assessments, Ketch leverages smart context about the data you have in Snowflake to inform your assessments process (and the rest of your data systems, too). As your Snowflake usage grows, the Ketch data map identifies new areas of risk and assessment need.

Composable CDPs

For years, companies have relied on traditional Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to collect, store, and activate customer data. These platforms have been critical to powering audience segmentation and personalization at scale. But today, the traditional CDP is  becoming duplicative. With many companies already housing data with a provider like Snowflake, the “composable CDP” is rising as a new solution: an “activation layer” that sits on top of your current data infrastructure.

Ketch is working with Snowflake to power composable CDPs, ensuring that consent signals reflecting data privacy purposes are enforced in both Snowflake and the composable CDP layer. This critically ensures that data used for marketing campaigns is responsibly gathered, reflecting people’s privacy choices.

What’s next for Snowflake + Ketch customers

If you’re a Snowflake customer, leveraging the benefits of Snowflake Horizon + Ketch is a no-brainer. As a joint customer, you can securely store and process your data within Snowflake and use your Ketch integrations to ensure that all your data is consented, responsibly gathered, and compliant.

If you’re new to Ketch and want to see more, schedule a demo here.

We’re excited to work with our joint customers to uncover more opportunities to support Snowflake features and expand the richness of our joint offerings. We’re focused on making privacy compliance and data security easy and accessible for companies globally, and partnership with companies like Snowflake is a clear pathway to success.

Read time
5 min read
January 29, 2024
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