The who, what, when and why of data

Inform data policy with visibility of data access and usage across your business.

Understanding who has access to what type of data within your organization is paramount
Yet most companies have a sprawling data asset with an incomplete picture of how data is leveraged across business units and teams.

Access and usage intelligence provides visibility into your employee’s data activity based on their role within the organization. This helps you understand what data is being accessed, how often, and for what purpose with the goal of perfectly aligning permissions to employees’ data needs.  Getting this wrong introduces incremental and unnecessary risk into your business.
For example, is some type of data used widely for different purposes and use cases across a broad set of teams? That’s a useful insight which can inform how a company plans future data acquisition strategies.

Conversely, if there is data that is not widely used, why bother capturing that type of data in the future? Better yet, consider removing that data to reduce your risk profile since there is no trade-off for value.

Ketch data access and usage intelligence

Inform policy with granular data intelligence
Inform data policy with a granular understanding of what’s being used, and by who. Set the foundation for purpose-based access control, and meet consumer expectations and regulatory requirements for data minimization.
Data on the move
Insights to mobilize responsibly gathered and permissioned data across your organization for maximum utility. Give business teams the confidence to put data to work, knowing it’s responsibly gathered, with up to date privacy permissions.
Manage your data footprint
The risk of holding data increases over time, while its value diminishes. Mitigate the risk of holding stale data and reduce your “attack surface”. There’s an added benefit of reduced storage and compute costs for data you don’t need.

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