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Nurp chooses Ketch for enterprise-grade privacy compliance

Nurp, a leading trading algorithm provider, swiftly partnered with Ketch to ensure compliance with Google's advertising requirements, securing seamless marketing continuity.
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May 9, 2024
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Nurp is the leading provider of cutting-edge trading algorithms, revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals approach investing. Their team of expert traders and developers have combined their knowledge & skills to create a unique platform that simplifies the trading process and maximizes efficiency for our users. At Nurp, its mission is to transform clients’ lives through financial literacy and ultimately empower them to achieve financial independence.

Challenge: Finding a consent management platform to support advertising requirements, quickly 

Nurp doesn’t shy away from risks. As the leading provider of cutting-edge trading algorithms, they believe in taking smart risks – risk that is meticulously studied, strategically planned, and smartly executed. 

However, there’s one area of the business where risk is unwelcome: impact to marketing and advertising spend. In early 2024, Chris Hite, Regulatory Compliance Manager at Nurp, received an urgent call from his Marketing team. They needed to shore up website visitor consent collection to meet modern privacy regulation standards, and asked for his help finding a solution. 

The most pressing requirement was from Google: requiring all advertisers who use Google AdSense, AdManager or AdMob to use a Google Certified Consent Management Platform (CMP) when serving ads to users in Europe and the UK. As an advertiser, Nurp needed to adhere to this requirement.

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Chris asked his team to quickly bring some software options to the table for review. As he met with various vendors, Chris was immediately struck by two positive aspects of speaking with the Ketch team:

  • Ease of implementation. Early demos of the Ketch platform made it clear that Nurp wouldn’t need to hire an outside vendor or consultant to implement the software. Said Chris, “The last thing I want to hear from a software vendor is that I’ll need to hire yet another vendor to help me get the technology live. Ketch proved their intuitive, easy set-up process.” 
  • The Ketch team was knowledgeable and motivated. When Nurp alluded to advertising requirements facing their business, Ketch was familiar and knew they could meet the compliance deadline in time. “It’s pretty simple: the Ketch team said they could meet our needs, and do it fast,” said Chris. “Instead of bringing noise to the process, they listened and made it easy to do business together.”

Solution: intuitive platform + onboarding support = pain-free deployment 

The Ketch and Nurp teams immediately got to work deploying Ketch consent management. Ketch consent management enables Nurp with a customizable, adaptive platform for managing visitor consent choices. 

Chris’s initial impressions of the Ketch platform were validated: Ketch was intuitive and easy to deploy. With speed and ease, the project teams worked together to configure and implement the key elements of consent management: 

  • Jurisdictions: Pre-defined policy templates provide a foundation for Nurp to select the privacy laws and regulations that apply to their business regions. With no coding required, Nurp can select policies, customize as needed according to specific business preferences, and set them live. Ketch automatically connects the right policies to the right frontend consent banners based on visitor location. 
  • Experiences: Using a WYSIWYG, no-code editor, Nurp can design and set live various cookie consent banners and modals for their users across the globe. These privacy “experiences” are connected back to the correct jurisdiction policies, ensuring that every visitor receives the right banner according to their geography. 
  • Tag Orchestration: Nurp connects their web visitors’ data collection preferences directly to the tags firing on their websites. With direct connections to systems like Google Analytics, Facebook, and Google Tag Manager, Nurp is able to respect people’s choices by firing website tags only according to user data collection preferences. 

In a matter of days, Nurp was up and running with Ketch consent management. “Ketch made onboarding easy,” said Chris. “They provided an onboarding checklist and supported us every step of the way.” 

Result: Nurp is set up for success with a compliant, enterprise-grade privacy platform 

“We came to Ketch with an urgent compliance challenge affecting our advertising channels, and within 24 hours they solved the problem. I can’t thank them enough for that.” 

Chris Hite, Regulatory Compliance Manager, Nurp

Today, Nurp is confidently compliant with the Google certified CMP requirements. Their marketing and advertising efforts can continue as planned, generating customers for their revolutionary approach to trading algorithms and investing success. 

In today's fast-evolving digital landscape, compliance and operational agility are paramount. Nurp's collaboration with Ketch exemplifies how an easy, adaptive privacy platform can enhance critical business processes, supporting revenue growth and honoring customer consent.

The partnership not only resolved an urgent compliance challenge, but positions Nurp for success in the future, shoring up a critical area of regulatory compliance. Not unlike their forward-thinking, innovative approach to investing, Nurp has invested in a privacy platform that ensures they are positioned for successful compliance as regulations and digital requirements increase.

Read time
4 min read
May 9, 2024
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