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Privacy and legal professionals

It’s up to you to ensure compliance. We make it easy.

Your Challenge
Staying agile and compliant
Privacy laws are going on the books all around the world. You need operational agility to keep pace with compliance.
Our solution
A unified framework
Ketch lets you cost-effectively manage existing regulations and quickly respond to new requirements in a single, unified framework.

Deploy once, comply everywhere, globally!

Ketch’s data-governance and privacy compliance platform offers a global framework for an end-to-end data control.

Eliminate complexity

Stop struggling to implement regulations each time from scratch.

Leverage our all-in-one approach that integrates compliance across multiple complex global privacy laws.

Speedy implementation

Privacy demands are accelerating, and you need to keep up.

Faster implementation of any new and updated privacy laws, so you’re prepared when they take effect.

Lower compliance costs

Streamline your compliance operations with a next-gen platform. Automate consent and DSR requests while ensuring third-party enforcement.

Reduce corporate risk

Sleep easy with the confidence that your privacy program is being implemented and enforced.
Achieve granular control over data privacy positioning and compliance across all systems for all regulations.

Connect with Ketch

The Ketch Trust by Design Platform is a coordinated set of applications, infrastructure, and APIs that collapses the cost and complexity of privacy operations and mobilizes responsibly gathered data for deeper customer engagement and top-line growth. 

Simplifying your privacy program has never been easier. Our team of privacy experts is here to help you on your journey to simplified privacy operations and granular data control across the enterprise.