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Learn why Ketch is built for engineers with Vivek Vaidya, Co-founder and CTO at Ketch

Operationalize privacy at scale with customizable tech

Learn why Ketch is built for engineers with Vivek Vaidya, Co-founder and CTO at Ketch
Vivek Vaidya, Co-founder and CTO at Ketch
Ken Day, Senior Product Designer, Multiverse
“Ketch has the best customer support, ever. Their CX and engineering teams are fast, proactive, and communicative. They are serious about listening to customer feedback and translating it to product enhancements.”
Ken Day,
Senior Product Designer, Multiverse
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Ketch for engineers

Engineers are often tasked with translating complex, changing data privacy laws into actionable technical requirements amidst a backdrop of existing system infrastructures. This challenge is compounded by the need to scale these solutions efficiently, while balancing cost and compliance priorities against other pressing IT demands.

Flexible privacy software, built to customize and scale

Ketch turns the complex web of privacy laws into straightforward technical blueprints, making compliance seamless for engineers and developers. It's like having a universal adapter for privacy regulations: we provide the APIs, webhooks, and documentation you need to easily integrate with existing systems to scale privacy controls without breaking a sweat. 

With Ketch, data utility and privacy go hand-in-hand, automating compliance tasks and freeing up your team to focus on innovation.

Automate mundane privacy compliance tasks


Customize integrations for essential, unique use cases


Scale privacy operations efficiently

A data privacy software designed with engineers in mind

Convert privacy laws and regulations into technical requirements

Ketch Consent Management
Overview of Ketch consent management platform

Automate consent signals and privacy requests across systems

Ketch DSR Automation
Ketch DSR automation features

Build solutions for unique system integration needs

Ketch Integrations
Ketch integrates with your various apps and needs

Built for innovation, customization, and automation

Hands-on deployment support

Our customer success experts make getting started easy with Slack communication, weekly checklists, and how-to videos.

OpenAPI specification standard

We are iteratively designing APIs to meet various customer use cases, getting feedback from developers on its usability and functionality.

Limitless automation possibilities

Ketch is purpose-built for scaling privacy operations with automation, from workflows to granular stakeholder tasks.
Kelsey Reinhardt, Director of Data Engineering, Forbes
“We were dreaming of a product that was smart enough to leverage the technologies we use on the Data Engineering team to seamlessly execute the repeatable components of routine privacy requests. When we saw Ketch in action and how their team was thinking about their offering, we knew they were on the same page as us.”
Kelsey Reinhardt,
Director of Data Engineering, Forbes
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Vivek Vaidya, Co-founder and CTO at Ketch
“Privacy compliance is not just a legal problem – it’s an engineering problem. Because at its core, regulatory compliance is about how you collect, organize, process, store, and use consumers’ data. We learned a lot of lessons as engineers building infrastructure to comply with these regulations, and we built Ketch as a gift to our former selves.”
Vivek Vaidya
Co-founder and CTO, Ketch