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Get the information and tools you need to stay competitive in today’s complex global regulatory landscape.

Some privacy software tools make data privacy law compliance a costly game of add-on modules for each new law.

We think that’s a ridiculous expectation in today’s changing regulatory landscape.
The Ketch Trust by Design Platform helps you comply with any data law, now and in the future.

We’ve developed privacy primitives like processing purpose, legal bases, and rights to customize and reassemble for each jurisdiction. Create your own, or use our templates.

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Comply with every data privacy law around the globe.

US Data Privacy Laws
The US is a patchwork of sectoral and state laws borrowed heavily from the EU data protection framework. Ketch can help you meet each state’s unique compliance challenges.
California data privacy law is the strictest across the US.
The Colorado Privacy Act joins California as the second regulation in the US. 
The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act is similar to U.S. data privacy laws in CO and CT.
Now years since its passing, GDPR is still the world’s most comprehensive data privacy legislation.
The Data Protection Act is the UK's implementation of the the GDPR.
Brazil’s LGPD borrows heavily from GDPR legislation.
The Canadian data privacy legislation is a federal law.
No business or brand is immune to the effects of today’s fast-changing regulatory landscape.

Risk of regulatory action or fine is no longer an unlikely, empty threat—regulators across Europe and now the United States are charging brands with irresponsible handing of consumer data.

Your knowledge of the regulations and requirements for your business may be the differencemaker in ensuring your brand reputation stays intact.

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