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“California Do Not Sell My Info” request

California consumer privacy regulations are the most rigorous data protection bills in the U.S.

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In general, California privacy law gives consumers more control over the personal information that businesses collect about them, creating obligations for companies that do business there, especially if a company were to sell that consumer information.

One of those obligations is Do Not Sell, giving Californians the right to tell businesses not to sell personal information to another company, and for businesses to respect their requests across their vendor and data ecosystem.

To meet the requirements and consumer privacy expectations
under California’s Do Not Sell, businesses must:

Disclose privacy policies and notify consumers
Give consumers notices explaining your privacy practices and disclose what information you have and what you’re doing with it.
Collect consumer opt-outs
Collect consumer preferences and privacy choices, including the choice to opt out of personal data processing.
Respect and enforce consumer privacy choices
Manage consumer opt-outs across your business data ecosystem including your marketing and advertising tech players, website infrastructure, and internal data systems.

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Ketch has a simple, turnkey solution for all of the above consumer privacy requests, and more, so your business can rest easy when it comes to compliance with California's "Do Not Sell" information regulations.

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